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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Publishing activity of NMetAU

Scientific conferences (information is provided by the organizers of the conference, as well as an electronic version of the collection of materials is provided, that is, we will postpone what was the previous version - "Conferences")

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Monographs (list provided for filling)

The site of the National Library of Ukraine them. VI Vernadsky: search, information.


Journal of the Academy


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 Problems of economy and political economy. Scientific Economic Electronic Journal.

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Metallurgical heat engineering. Collection of scientific works.

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System technology. Regional interuniversity collection of scientific works.

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Modern problems of metallurgy. Collection of scientific works.

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Technical thermophysics and industrial thermal power engineering. Collection of scientific works.

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The theory and practice of metallurgy. State-owned scientific and technical journal of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine.

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Publishing activity of NMetAU

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