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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Scientific publications of academy


Сompendium of scientific works NMetAU "System technologies"


Regional interuniversity compendium of scientific works "System technologies"

2014 is included in the abstracts database 

Index Copernicus scientific publications - ICV 2017:80.95.


Scientific Bulletin NMetAU "Modern problems of Metallurgy" 


Scientific Bulletin "Modern problems of Metallurgy"

2014 is included in the abstracts database

 Index Copernicus scientific publications -ICV 2017: 71.60.



The scientific electronic magazine NMetAU "Problems of Economy and Political Economy"


The magazine is included to the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine

(science areas are economic) in accordance with a fiat of Ministry of education and science Ukraine № 374 from 17.03.2017.


The journal is included in the abstract database of scientific publications.


Index Copernicus - ICV 2017: 56.42.


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