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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine


Pro-rector on scientific work

Proydak Yuriy S.

Doctor of engineering science, professor, winner of the State Premium of Ukraine in the field of a science and engineering. Graduated from Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical institute (1974, metallurgiУal engineer). Pro-rector on scientific work (2001 - present time). Main directions of scientific and scientific-pedagogical work: theory of modification process of metal structure and second phase's formation control; thermodynamic and kinetic researches of crystallization in electromelting processes; physicochemical and thermodynamic analysis of slag grout for desulfurization of wheel steel. Has published more than 100 scientific works, including 12 copyright certificates and patents of Ukraine and Russia, 2 monographies, 3 manuals. Main works: "Регламентация серосодержащих включений при модификации углеродистой стали халькогенидами", "Электрошлаковый переплав - эффективная технология повышения качества колесного и подшипникового металла". Chairman of the specialized scientific council D.08.084.02 on protection of the doctor's and candidate dissertations.


Tel.: +38 (056) 374-84-00

Tel./Fax: +38 (056) 745-41-96


Scientific Secretary
Tatiana Vlasova
Candidate of Technical Sciences.
 Phone: (056) 374-83-96,  E-mail: 


Department Head, PhD
Shevchenko, Galina Ivanovna
 Phone: (0562) 374-82-35,  E-mail:

Head of Sector, NIRS
Martynova Larisa Zusevna
 Phone: (0562) 374-84-25  47-42-65 

Head of Patent and License Department
Pohorila Lyudmila
 Phone: +38 (0562) 374-84-11

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