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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

"Feast with tears in my eyes" - 2018

    Remember! Centuries later, in a year, remember!

    About those who will never come again, remember!

    People! As long as the hearts are knocking, remember!

    What price is won happiness, please remember!


       For four long years the Great Patriotic War lasted (1941-1945). The whole Soviet people rose to defend their country. The liberation of Ukraine began in the fall of 1943. October 25 troops of the 3rd Ukrainian Front liberated the city of Dnipropetrovsk and Dneprodzerzhinsk, November 6, 1943 - the capital of Ukraine, the city of Kiev, October 28, 1944, liberated the whole territory of Ukraine.

       On May 3, 2018, the library of the Academy held a literary and musical evening dedicated to the Victory Day - "a holiday with tears in my eyes." The library staff told the attendees of the contribution to the Victory of employees of the Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute, the work in the evacuation in the Urals to create new weapons, about partisans and underground workers, etc. The victory was very expensive. In this war, the Soviet Union lost more than 20 million people, Ukraine lost 8 million.

       We must not forget this. Our students should know and remember "at what price happiness is won." I think that by such meetings we help young people become true patriots of their country.

       With great attention the audience listened to the works of the poet-front-line soldiers: R. Rozhdestvensky "Requiem", P. Tychyna "I approve", M. Rylsky "Word of anger", V. Sosyury "Love Ukraine", J. Kaminsky "Babi Yar" and t . The "Smuglyanka" sounded in the touching performance of the assistant professor department of Ecology, Heat Engineering and Labor Protection Radchenko Yu.N. The bright ending of the evening was the song "Victory" performed by student Gammova Nastya.

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You, graduate student


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Occupational safety at the enterprise


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The library invites you to get acquainted with the thematic review literature under the name

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The view is designed for a wide range of readers and is located on the subscription of scientific and technical literature, room 259.


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Catalog of official statistical publications in 2018

The Main Department of Statistics of the Dnepropetrovsk Region offers you a catalog listing the statistical compendiums, bulletins, reports and express issues that contain comprehensive information on the socio-economic state of our region and that will be released during 2018

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English for 16 hours

English for 16 hours? You think this is impossible?

Start and make sure the opposite.


12 december in the conference hall of the library hosted a poetic evening

       Country "Love"

         Verses in different languages ​​of the world were heard here. Under the guidance of the teacher Daichik A.B. students of the preparatory department of our academy: Hariz Taufik (Morocco), Gundul Saad (Morocco), Evesat Yazan Sami (Jordan), Irizi Mohamed (Morocco), Abu Seif (Palestine).

        The guys read the poems in their native language and in Russian, which they began to study quite recently. And the students of the Humanities Faculty demonstrated knowledge of foreign languages: Popovich Inessa (GR FI-15-1) read W. Shakespeare's poems in English. Students of the FI-16 group: Dobroskok Yana, Peshenko Alina, Kobylyakova Nastya, Torgovych Marina read Goethe's poem "Wild Rose" in German (teacher Krivulya V.A.).

         Our poets also delighted with new poems: Bova Dasha (gr. MN-01-16-01), Krasnoshlyk Olya (gr. AV-01-12), Owl Artem (graduate student of the department of metallurgy of cast iron).        

        The guys shared their feelings, emotions, worldview. A warm, friendly atmosphere of the holiday was supported by Adamyan Anna (head of the library sector), giving an exposition of her paintings.        

           Onufrienko M.N., head of the department. cultural and educational department of the library.

On November 22, a meeting of students and employees with Anna Terjanik, a graduate of our university, took place in the conference hall of NMetAU. News icon

      A. Teryanik is a volunteer. She, along with friends, practically from the very beginning of ATO, transported wounded soldiers to their hospitals on their cars. Over this time, their fellow travelers have become more than a thousand people. For her work, Anna was awarded the Order "For the Defense of the Territory", as well as the presidential award "For Humanitarian Destiny in the Antiterrorist Operation." 

      Anna Teryanik told about the people she was rescued. She wrote down stories told by wounded soldiers on the way to the hospital. Gradually travel notes turned into books. For the book "Fellows", published in May 2016, Anna received a prize at the competition "Divis Ukraine". At the Zaporozhye book fair this book became the best book of the year. The second part of the stories in the form of the book "Nashi" appeared in 2017. The stories told by eyewitnesses, I think, will interest many readers.

   Onufrienko M.N., head of the department. cultural and educational department of the library. 


"Interpipe Steel": plant and art object

        On November 18, 2017 the staff of the NMetAU library visited excursions at the Interpipe Steel plant, where they saw the whole process of steel production. "Interpipe" is the world's fourth largest pipe company in the world, the world's third largest producer and supplier of railway wheels, the world's largest supplier of silicomanganese.     

 The plant unites innovative steelmaking technologies, a new approach to production culture and modern art installations of Olafur Eliasson, which have become an integral part of the enterprise.


The most beautiful libraries in the world

Halls in which you want to live forever, in the pictures of Will Price. ©

Why our future depends on libraries, reading and fantasy

  Why our future depends on libraries, reading and fantasy

The Ways of War

           On May 5, an event dedicated to May 9, the victory over Nazism during the Second World War (1939-1945) was held in the conference hall of the NMetAU.           In the literary and musical composition prepared by the library NMetAU (director Fakhrutdinova S.N.) and the student club (director Bilenko E.I.), verses and songs about the war were heard. But especially valuable was the performance of a veteran of the war, a participant in the hostilities of Bassa Saveliy Borisovich, who passed the whole war, starting it on the border with Poland and finishing at the city of Harbin in China.



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