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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Catalog of official statistical publications in 2018

The Main Department of Statistics of the Dnepropetrovsk

Region offers you a catalog listing the statistical

compendiums, bulletins, reports and express issues

that contain comprehensive information on the

socio-economic state of our region and that will

be released during 2018

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English for 16 hours

English for 16 hours? You think this is impossible?

Start and make sure the opposite.


12 december in the conference hall of the library hosted a poetic evening

 12 december  in the conference hall of the library
hosted a poetic evening.

A special feature of this event is the author's

The students shared their thoughts and feelings
with the audience:
Bova Daria (group AB-01-16-01),

Krasnoshlyk Olga (group AV-01-12m), Komarov Yegor
(group ME-09-13);

post-graduate student of the department
of metallurgy
of cast iron Owl Artem.
Darya Bova's poem

"The 21st as a mirror of those days"
(about the events in the east of our country)

did not leave anyone indifferent.
Olga Krasnoshlyk displayed love for her native
land in her poem.

Creativity Komarov Yegor permeated by the
perception of the world. With sincere warmth,

the lines of Owl Artem are filled.
Under the guidance of the teacher Daichik A.B.

students of the preparatory department of our
academy: Hariz Taufik (Morocco),
Gundul Saad (Morocco),

Evesat Yazan Sami (Jordan),
Irizi Mohamed (Morocco),

Abu Seif (Palestine).
The guys read the poems in their

native language and in Russian, which they began
to study more recently.

On November 22, a meeting of students and employees with Anna Terjanik, a graduate of our university, took place in the conference hall of NMetAU. News icon

A. Teryanik is a volunteer. She, along with friends, practically from the very beginning of ATO, transported wounded soldiers to their hospitals on their cars. Over this time, their fellow travelers have become more than a thousand people. For her work, Anna was awarded the Order "For the Defense of the Territory", as well as the presidential award "For Humanitarian Destiny in the Antiterrorist Operation."
Anna Teryanik told about the people she was rescued. She wrote down stories told by wounded soldiers on the way to the hospital. Gradually travel notes turned into books.

Interpipe Steel

On November 18 the staff of the NMetAU library visited the Interpipe Steel 



The most beautiful libraries in the world

Halls in which you want to live forever, in the pictures of Will Price. ©

Why our future depends on libraries, reading and fantasy

  Why our future depends on libraries, reading and fantasy

The Ways of War

At the 5th of May an event dedicated to the anniversary of the victory in The Second World War (1939—1945) was arranged by the library and the student’s club of NMetAU. A lot of poetries and songs about war resounded, and the speech of Saveliy Bass, who took part in warfare, became the most precious and interesting.


Library NMetAU reports News icon

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