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It is said that the book disappears;
I think that this is impossible.
                    Jorge Luis Borges


Fahrutdinova S.N.

      The library is an educational, scientific, information and cultural-educational structural unit of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine. The work of the library is aimed at creating conditions for fruitful scientific, educational and practical activities of students, teachers, administrative and scientific and technical personnel of the Academy. In its activity, the library is guided by the provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine, the laws of Ukraine "On Education", "On the Library and Library Affairs", regulations and documents on the library business of the governing bodies of higher educational institutions of Ukraine, "Model Provisions for a Higher Library educational institution of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine ".

      General methodical guidance of the library is carried out by the Scientific and Methodic Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, regional and regional methodological councils of university libraries. Every year about 13 thousand readers are served, the book issue is more than 600 thousand copies.

      Readers are served by 3 subscription cards, 2 reading rooms, a reference bibliographic department and a mass work department. The library also has 2 branches: a branch of the library of the Nikopol faculty and the Krivoy Rog metallurgical faculty. The library's book stock is multi-branch and is about 500 thousand copies. It is manned with literature on metallurgy, machine building, chemical technology, economics, information technology, social sciences, and fiction.

      The readers are served by subscribers of educational literature (the library's new building, on the 1st floor), scientific and technical literature (room 259), fiction (room 417A), student's reading room (room 417), room scientific literature and periodicals (new building of the library, 2nd floor).

Library history


    The library of NMetAU, as obligatory structural subdivision of higher educational establishment, functions from 1930. She is founded on the base of library of  metallurgical faculty of mountain institute after his converting into a metallurgical institute. First years of existence a library consisted of two parts - are libraries daily and  evening separations. From 1932 library employees  submitted  to  the  administrative  deputy  on educational  part, and employment came true to direction of labour  exchange. 

       In the state of library 15 - 17  persons worked at first, managing  with 1934 - V.N. Zlatina (Ipatenkova).  Worked under her guidance M.I Gureeva, L.B.Umanskaya, E.B. Globinova (Kuul), M.A. Lipnitskaya, N. Bulavintseva, D.L.Suhaya and other. With development of institute, for their providing library composition  broadened the increase of amount of disciplines and textbooks as basic provider of  the methodical providing: positions of bibliographer, classifier, cataloguer, librarian II and I of digits, bookbinder appeared. The reading-room of research  workers began work. The cabinet of the diploma planning completing of that  engaged V.N. Zlatina was open in 1936. 

      Organization of work of institution of higher learning libraries came  true  in obedience to by "Model position about the library  of  higher  educational  establishment"  from 1936.  From October, 1940  library  advice, organized  at  a  library, monthly  examined  questions  on  completing,  library  and bibliographic work. In the complement of advice entered: professors A.N. Pohvisnev (chairman), A.P. Chekmarev and S.I. Telniyy, associate professors of N.P. Kublanov, Е.А. Dani-chek, К.F. Starodubov, I.V. Radchenko.

       On the state on 1941 there were about 300 thousand copiesin the book fund of library. Almost all of them were destroyed as a result of fascist occupation. 

Renewal of fund began after liberation of Dnipropetrovsk, the libraries of entirecountry gave help and already in 1943 the library of metallurgical  institute  again  began  to serve  readers.


Ganzerovskaya  E.G.

        In the period of  1943-1946  headed  a  library  to  Shevchenko Е.P.,  with 1946  for  1952 - Uman L.B., and  with 1952  for  1988 – Ganzerovskaya  E.G., participant of battle actions of  Great Patriotic war,  which was awarded  two  Orders of the Patriotic War I and II degrees and other awards of the Motherland.

    The next stage of development of library began in 1952. There ceivabless  of  educational literature increased due to state assignations.  As  a  result  a  book fund  increased  to  137325 copies,  responsibility  for  his  safety  lay  down  on the shoulders of employees.

      In 60s certificate-bibliographic  work  developed  actively,  informative activity  broadened.  In  particular,  popular  were  the thematic  viewing  of literature,  reader  conferences.  From 1960  by the  department  of  bibliography the  course  of bibliography  was   bibliography was inculcated for students 2 and 3 courses.

      The new student reading-room  of  scientific  literature  and periodicals appeared  in  1968,  was  actively  completed, including  by  foreign  periodicals (71 name of magazines from 9 countries).

   In course of time for the comfortable placing of editions there was a necessity for expansion of library area, in this connection in 1993 to subscription of educational  literature a new  apartment  was  given  in  340 м2and  a becoming  free place  is used for valuable work of subscription of scientific literature and periodicals.

        For 33 considerably the amount of library visitors grew from 3625  persons in 1953 to 10497 persons in 1985.

      The librarystate in 1980 made 49 workers. Accordingly, subdivision gets a ІІ category, and position of manager  was  sub-stituted  by  position  of  library  director.

      Library branches worked also in other cities, in particular library of  the Nikopol-general technical  faculty (1964-1987), library  of  the Zaporozhye    evening  faculty (1966-1975), and library  of  the Krivoyrogsky  metallurgical  faculty (1962-2011), a methodical help appeared that by the main library of institution  of  higher  learning.



               Thematic reviews of literature in the ZSNL                                                    Student Reading Room                                           The lesson with students is conducted by Fahrutdinova S.N.


          In a summer period the library of health-sporting camp  worked  "Friendship". Addition to the book fund proceeded and in 70-80s on the average on 30 thousand  copies  annually. Since 1988, the director of the library is S.N. Fahrutdinova.



                       The staff of the library with the director E.G. Gantserovskoy in the center. 1980                                 Director Fahrutdinova S.N. with the staff of the library. 1988


       The mini version of library  information system  "IRBIS"  works  from  2004, creation  of electronic  catalog proceeds.

       By a momentous event in 2012 opening of new housing of library became for a library and her workers, on the floors of that subscription of educational literature, a reading room for scientific literature and periodicals, a reference and bibliographic department and a department for cultural and educational work.



                    Subscription of educational literature                                                     Library staff in a new building. 2012                                                           The subscription of fiction              



            Reading room of scientific literature and periodicals                                Reference and bibliographic  department                                                           Student reading room


       For today, the library's book stock is 477886 copies. Now there are 25 people in the staff of the library. The library is an important educational, scientific-information and cultural-educational unit of the Academy.

       For success in organizing the library business and promoting the book, the library and its employees were repeatedly encouraged by letters and gratitude to the governing bodies and academy: 12 workers received letters of commendation and gratitude from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, L.N. Fedenko and L.P. Kovaleva awarded the badge "Excellent worker of education of Ukraine".


The collective of the library in the foyer of the cultural and educational department. 2014




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