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Happy New Year 2023!



Christmas  and  New  Year!

 Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and

Happy New Year!



Happy New Year

If it didn’t bring you joy just leave it behind

Let’s ring in the New Year with good things in mind

Let every bad memory that brought heartache and pain.



Snow on the ground.
Snow on the tree.
Snow on the house.

Snow on me!


It’s winter, it’s winter,
Let us skate and ski!
It’s winter, it’s winter,
It’s great fun for me!


Snowflakes are nice,
Snowflakes are white.
They fall by day,
They fall at night.


New Year To You

Happy New Year to you!

May every great new day

Bring you sweet surprises —

A happiness buffet.


Happy New Year to you,

And when the new year’s done,

May the next year be even better,

Full of pleasure, joy and fun.

By Joanna Fuchs



Let this Christmas to be nice and quite for you,

I wish you to have time to relaxand be with your family!

A health to you,  wealth to you,

And the best that life can give to you.

It’s just the perfect time to send

A lot of love your way

And then to add some wishes

For a Merry Christmas Day.

May be your Christmas wonderful right from the start

May a happy year follow it, too.

These are the wishes that come from the heart.


Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season

and a healthy and peaceful New Year!