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Happy Easter


H a p p y   E a s t e r




This Sunday is a special day.
Christ is risen! Indeed he is risen!
All the problems will go away.
And life will become amazing.




Give an egg to your friend
And hit each other’s forehead.
Then eat it, and enjoy, and celebrate.
You’ll be happy at this moment.




Then go and cut an Easter cake
For every Miss and Mister,
And I will give for you. Come, take!
I wish you Happy Easter. 


Christ has come to our Earth 


Christ has come to our Earth
To give all of us the birth.
He gives us all of his love,
And we hear angels from above.


Jesus is our farther, brothers,
And we do not have another
Real parent. He is all
For all those, who walk and crawl.
Happy Easter for each man
And each women. Dears, Amen!



Orthodox Easter in 2023 is celebrated in mid-April and has many traditions.


Easter 2023 is the most important holiday in the church calendar dedicated to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ukrainians love Easter very much and prepare for it in advance. Before the holiday, the house is cleaned, and on the festive evening, colored chicken eggs and rich pasta are placed on the table.

Easter is a movable holiday, the date of which depends on the lunar calendar, but it is always celebrated on Sunday. Before Easter, believers cleanse the body, observing the strict 50-day Great Lent 2023.

Orthodox Easter 2023 is celebrated on April 16. For Catholics, Easter in 2023 is celebrated a week earlier - on April 9.


Why are the dates of Orthodox and Catholic Easter different?


As we mentioned earlier, the date of Easter falls on the Sunday of the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Why do the dates of Orthodox and Catholic Easter differ if the lunar calendar is the same for everyone?

The date of Easter is one of the causes of contention between the Orthodox and Catholic churches. Catholics and Orthodox use different Paschals (methods for calculating the date of Easter). One difference is that the Orthodox Church uses the old Julian calendar to determine the date of Easter, while the Catholics use the new Gregorian calendar.

In Orthodoxy, the vernal equinox is considered March 21 in the old style - this is April 3 in the secular calendar. Therefore, Orthodox Easter is celebrated not earlier than April 4th.

Sometimes the dates of Easter may overlap. For example, in 2025, both Catholics and Orthodox will celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord on April 25. Most often, the dates differ by one or two weeks.


Easter weekend 2023


Easter always falls on a Sunday, so it is a public holiday in itself. Easter Monday is also an official holiday in Ukraine. However, due to martial law, the additional holidays for Easter in Ukraine are canceled, and Monday, April 17 will be a normal working day.

However, the decision to grant a day off remains with the employer. Also, a holiday on Easter is possible if martial law is canceled before April 16.


 Jesus come again to us all



The day of laughs, the day of light!
Spend these moments with your nearest,
Make delighted all of your dearest,
Because Easter is always time to love.

May your home be full of bliss,
Any bother lose its thorns.
We celebrate the holy day of the reborn
When Jesus come again to us all!