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International Conference «Strategy of Quality in Industry and Education» (Bulgaria, ТU-Varna)

For the first time the conference was held in 2005 in Bulgaria, on the basis of the Technical University - Varna on the initiative of its founder and ideological inspirer Assoc. Prof. Vyacheslav Khokhlov. Since then, the conference has been held annually.

Time: late May - early June.

Forms of participation: in person, in absentia.

Legitimacy and features: The conference is annually included in the list of scientific conferences on the problems of higher education and science by the Institute for the Modernization of Education Content of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Since 2017, full-time participants have the opportunity, within the framework of the conference events, to undergo an internship under an international program (4 modules, 120 hours) and receive, in addition to the participant's certificate, a certificate of foreign internship (from TU-Varna).

Main directions (sections):

- quality in industry;

- quality in education;

- information technology in industry and education;

- economic aspects in the areas of engineering, technology, technical regulation and quality assurance.

Conference languages: Ukrainian, Bulgarian, English, Russian.

At the end of the conference, all participants who have sent reports (abstracts) receive a materials proceedings in the form of a book or electronic (CD), as well as a certificate confirming the publication of materials in the collection.

GENERAL ACQUAINTANCE:     View report (2019)


PROCEEDINGS (Archive):       2018 (Т1)        2018 (Т2)        2019     2020*    2021

NEXT CONFERENCE (Information and documents): XVI conference "Strategy of Quality in Industry and Education" is scheduled (in "face-to-face" format) for June 2021**. Information about the conference was sent to the Institute for Modernization of the Content of Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for inclusion in the list of scientific conferences on higher education and science in 2021.

* - due to the difficult epidemiological situation in Ukraine and EU countries in 2020 the conference was not held. Information on articles from collections of earlier years is sent by the scientific secretary of the conference upon request.

** - provided a favorable epidemiological situation in Bulgaria and in Varna

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