National metallurgical academy of Ukraine



The Institute of integrated education (IIE) is created in 2013 according to the order of Cabinet of Ukraine (from 3/6/2013 ?117-r) by reorganisation of the State Institute of the Industry Personnel Training and Retraining (SIIPTR) which functioned since 1996 as an independent higher educational institution ІІІ accreditation level. After reorganisation (by joining to National Metallurgical Academy - NMA) the Institute functions as a part of Academy as education-scientific structural division.

More than the 15-year-old history of institute (till 2014 – SIIPTR) - is a history of formation new education system for training, retraining and improvement of professional skill for Ukraine mountain-metallurgical complex/MMK/ enterprises experts. Main features of SIIPTR education system - maximum adapted for:

- modern economic realities;

- requirements of a labour market;

- requirements of employers.

After finding independence by Ukraine (in 1990) and change to new patterns of ownership and the managing, the system of a professional training for enterprises MMK remained without the state support because of what corresponding educational institutions and centres have been compelled to pass to work in new conditions or to stop the activity.

Understanding a current situation, the honoured worker of a science and technics of Ukraine, Dr. Sc. (Ing.) professor S. Pliskanovsky has initiated of institute creation which would meet the requirements of time. Thanking its efforts, in 1996, the joint order of the Ukraine Industry Ministry and the Ministry of Education (?187/332) had been created the State institute of retraining and improvement of professional skill of heads and experts of a Ukraine metallurgical complex. Later, the order of the Ukraine Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of an Industrial policy (?87/140 from 2/24/2004), it has been renamed into the State Institute of the Industry Personnel Training and Retraining (SIIPTR).

 In 1998, with support of NMA rector, academician of Ukrainian National academy of Sciences J. Taran, Interdepartmental educational-scientific complex NMA- SIIPTR has been created (Order of the Ukraine Ministry of Education and the Ministry of an industrial policy from 3/17/1998 ?106/90). This complex was created for the purpose of introduction of step system of experts preparation for the industrial enterprises, carrying out of joint scientific researches, an material base effective application and development.

Such cooperation has given the chance to involve in educational process the top skills faculty, first of all – from among NMA teachers. For quality training of experts, were involved in educational process teachers from leading high schools of a city– the Dnepropetrovsk national university of O. Gonchar, National mountain university, the State university of a railway also, etc.

Cooperation of institute with NMA within the created complex has allowed only for first five years (1998-2003) to transfer to chairs of academy for joint use with them in educational process about 150 modern (to that time) personal computers, many units of office equipment (multimedia projectors, плоттеры, scanners, etc.). In library fund of academy from SIIPTR has arrived more than 10 thousand copies of textbooks and manuals (about 45 thousand $ at the rate of 2003).

Since 1997 the institute carried out the activity as a part of 3 faculties: metallurgical (Krivoi Rog, the dean – Dr. Sc. (Ing.), prof. А. Uchitel); technological (Nikopol, the dean –V. Rubanov); engineering-economic (Dnepropetrovsk, deans – PhD (Econ.) N. Lisovenko, Dr. Sc. (Ing.), prof. V. Bochka).

The essential contribution to institute formation and development was brought in due time by the known experts working in it: L. Puzyrkova-Uvarova, V. Tsapko, M. Khanin, A. Egorov, D. Kozenkov, etc.

For years of work (1996-2013) SIIPTR it has been prepared more than 10 thousand experts, 3000 have passed retraining and improvement of professional skill. Unlike many "classical" high schools of Dnepropetrovsk, the considerable part of graduates has been prepared by institute under contracts with the enterprises. It was promoted by that the training schedule in SIIPTR allowed to combine study and work - to 60-80 % of SIIPTR students were trained, working at the enterprises and in the organisations that practically excluded problems of practice and the further employment of graduates.

Stable SIIPTR customers on preparation of experts were Open Society „DMP it. Petrovsky”, Open Society "Nizhnedneprovsky pipe-rolling plant", Joint-Stock Company «Arselor-Mittal - Krivoi Rog», Nikopol pipes and ferroalloy factories, Open Society "Dnepropetrovsk pipe-rolling plant", Open Society "Cominmet", SEnt "Association "Southern machine-building plant”, and also the enterprises of small and average business of Pridneprovsk region.

At institute innovative technologies of the organisation of the educational process, new directions of preparation of experts constantly took root, is not rare – for the first time in Dnepropetrovsk and Ukraine. Among them it is necessary to note projects on introduction of remote training (a bronze medal in a nomination «Working out and introduction in educational process of remote mode of study» at the International exhibition «Modern education in Ukraine - 2003», Kiev), introduction in educational process on-line video lectures for students of Nikopol and Krivy Rog faculties with use of a network the Internet, opening (for the first time among high schools of Ukraine) a new direction of preparation of experts in quality, standardization and certification, reception of certificate on a quality control system for educational process under the international standard ISO 9001:2009 and others.

The considerable attention was given at institute to the international cooperation development – on the basis of corresponding contracts SIIPTR co-operated with Technical University Varna (Bulgaria), Technological university of Brno (Czechia), the Moscow university of economy and statistics (Russia). Since 2005 the institute annually organised and spent to Bulgaria (TU-VARNA) international conference « Strategy of Quality in the Industry and Education» thanks to which the geography of the international cooperation has been considerably expanded. The statistics of conference testifies that the quantity of the states which representatives took part in conference, has grown with 4 (the first conference) to 10 … 12 (the next years), and quantity of the presented universities in 2012-2013 has reached 200, from which about 40 % - from the states CIS and the far abroad. The international activity of institute should noticed - in 2009 at the International exhibition of educational institutions (Kiev) SIIPTR has been awarded by a bronze medal in a nomination «International cooperation in an education sphere and sciences».

Since November, 2013 with unanimous support of labour collectives NMA and SIIPTR, the institute has been attached to academy and continues the activity in NMA structure as the new division created on the SIIPTR basis – Institute of Integrated Education of National Metallurgical Academy (IIE NMA). The director of institute - prof. T. Hohlova, which many years worked in SIIPTR as the first pro-rector. 

The primary goals of institute for today and the next years, despite reorganisation, remain invariable - introduction and perfection of the advanced educational technologies, development of new directions of training, retraining and improvement of professional skill, development of the international cooperation with educational institutions of near and far abroad with use of the long-term experience which has been saved up NMA and SIIPTR.