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Nikopol's Faculty (Nikopol sity)

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Dean: Tatyana Hohlova


Address 49005, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, Gagarin avenue, 4


Phone: +38 (056) 746-32-57

According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 04.26.2021 No. 464 "On the establishment of the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technology" Nikopol faculty is a separate structural unit, continuing the glorious traditions of the State Institute for Training and Retraining Industry Personnel, which is well-known in Nikopol and far beyond its borders. / GIPOprom / (1997-2013) and the Institute of Integrated Forms of Education NMetAU (2013-2021).
The faculty was established in 1998 of the last century as a subdivision of the GIPOprom (order of the Minister of Education of Ukraine and the Minister of Industrial Policy of Ukraine dated October 13, 1998 No. 362/373, order of the rector of NMetAU Yu.M. Taran, Chairman of the Academic Council of the Reporting-GIPOprom complex "Dated 29.10.98, No. 118) and until 2013. worked as part of the educational and scientific complex "NMetAU-GIPOprom" (for more details see the page "History").
In 2013. By order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine (No. 630 of 05/28/2013) GIPOprom was merged with NMetAU and until the end of July 2021 continued its work as a structural subdivision of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Integrated Forms of Education of NMetAU (director - prof. TS Khokhlova). By order of NMetAU dated 06/29/2021 No. 13 in connection with the creation of the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technology, Nikopol Faculty became the legal successor of UNINIFN as a separate structural unit of the university.
The faculty is headed by the dean - Ph.D. Professor T.S. Khokhlova, who is also the chairman of the scientific council of the NF and the chairman of the faculty selection committee.
According to the order of NMetAU dated 06/29/2021 No. 13 and the Regulation on the Faculty, the structure of the NF includes three departments, as well as the Nikopol Regional Center for Monitoring Education and Social Partnership. The Academic Council of the Faculty, groups for ensuring the quality of educational programs, according to which the educational process is carried out, has been created and is functioning.
The faculty has more than 15 years of experience in organizing and conducting scientific conferences, including outside Ukraine:

- International Conference "Strategy of Quality in Industry and Education" (held since 2005 in Bulgaria, on the basis of the Technical University of Varna);

- International Conference "Innovative Technologies in Science and Education. European experience” (conducted since 2017 in the leading universities of the European Union);

- All-Ukrainian conference "Young Scientists 2020 - From Theory to Practice" (held since 2010 on the basis of NMetAU and Nikopol Faculty of NMetAU).

These conferences are annually included by the Institute for Modernization of the Content of Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the List of Scientific Conferences on Higher Education and Science in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Since 2017, the organizing committee provides the participants of these international conferences with an opportunity to do an internship under an international program (with a certificate from TU-Varna). More detailed information on conferences can be found in the relevant section (see "Conferences").

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The faculty consists of three departments, as well Nikopol Regional Center for Monitoring of Education and Social Partnership 


Department of Theory, Technology and Automation of Metallurgical Processes

Department of General Education and Economics

Department of mechanical engineering and quality management