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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Specialization "Economy and ecology of metal protection",
speciality: 136 - Metallurgy


"The bachelor of metallurgy", "the expert of metallurgy", "the master of metallurgy"



List of academic disciplines of the curriculum of Bachelor's, specialists and masters

1. History of Ukraine.

2. Ukrainian language.

3. Cultural Studies.

4. Philosophy.

5. Psychology.

6. Language.

7. Basic economic theories.

8. Politics.

9. Jurisprudence.

10. Sociology.

11. Physical education.

12. Higher Mathematics.

13. Physics.

14. Chemistry.

15. Physical chemistry and analytical control.

16. Fundamentals of information technology and programming.

17. Descriptive geometry, engineering, and computer graphics.

18. Theoretical Mechanics.

19. Resistance of materials.

20. Details of machines.

21. Electrical engineering and electronics.

22. Energy (heat exchange).

23. Fundamentals of Ecology.

24. Safety.

25. Fundamentals of occupational safety.

26. Automation of production processes, microprocessor technology.

27. Theory and technology of production and processing of metals.

28. Theory and technology of metallurgical processes.

29. Metallurgy of cast iron.

30. Metallurgy steel.

31. Electrometallurgy.

32. Non-Ferrous Metallurgy.

33. Electrometallurgy of inorganic materials.

34. Foundry.

35. Metallurgy.

36. Heat treatment.

37. Metal forming.

38. Metallurgical furnaces.

39. Thermal.

40. Crystallography and Mineralogy.

41. Corrosion and protection of metals.

42. Business enterprises.

43. Fundamentals of Management.

44. Standardization, metrology and control.

45. Equipment metallurgical plants.

46. Fundamentals of.

47. Composite and powder materials.

48. Fundamentals of technical creativity.

49. Basic research.

50. Information Technology.

51. The theory of chemical corrosion of metals.

52. The theory of electrochemical corrosion of metals.

53. The theory of corrosion-resistant alloying.

54. Structures and equipment processes for applying protective coatings.

55. Physical-chemical basis of gas corrosion.

56. Technological features of protecting metals from corrosion.

57. Simulation of corrosion processes of metals.

58. Technology design process corrosion protection.

59. Methods of testing and research corrosive processes.

60. Methods of protecting metals from corrosion.

61. Corrosion of metals in conditions.

62. Special methods of anti-corrosion treatment of metals.

63. The computerization of technological processes.

64. Fundamentals of Marketing and International Business.

65. Operational Management.

66. Problems of theory and practice transition economies.

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