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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Department of coatings, composite materials and the protection of metals

Pinchuk Sophia photo

Department manager: Pinchuk Sophia


Address NMetAU, 4, Gagarin ave., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49600


Phone: (+38056) 374-83-42

In 1982 a department of metal protection from corrosion was created on the basis of the department of physical and colloid chemistry, in 1988 – it was renamed into the department of "powder metallurgy and metal protection" and in 2004 it was renamed again into the department of "coatings, composite materials and metal protection".

The head of the department is an academician of ANVSh of Ukraine, an academician of New York Academy of Sciences, an honoured master of sciences and engineering of Ukraine, a Doctor of Engineering, a professor Pinchuk Sophia Iosifovna.

At present time the department of "coatings, composite materials and metal protection" prepares specialists and Masters on the speciality - "136 Metallurgy", speciality - "136 Metallurgy", specialization- "136.1.9 Metal Protection from Corrosion" and on the direction - "132 Materials Science", speciality-"132 Materials Science", specialization-"132.3 Composite and Powder Materials, Coatings". During all these years the department has graduated 995 specialists (142diplomas with honours).

The department has got one subject classroom, three university laboratories and three research laboratories.

In 2010 the department passed successfully accreditation for the 4th level of preparing the specialists and Masters on the specialities:

1. 8.090103 "132.3 Composite and Powder Materials, Coatings " of degree program "132 Materials Science";

2. 8.090401 "136 Metallurgy" ( specialization "136.1.9 Metal Protection from Corrosion") of degree program "136 Metallurgy".


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