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Features of the educational process in the 2023/24 school year. year

In accordance with the order of USUNT dated 28.07.2023 No. 140a-g, the academic year 2023/24 for students of all educational levels, forms of education and courses begins on September 1, 2023. Educational classes and consultations, taking into account the effect of martial law, are held in a mixed format. For students of the Nikopol Faculty - only online. Immediately after the appearance of the "Air alarm" signal, the training session (or consultation) must be stopped, including with remote form of classes. The teacher conducting online classes, after the appearance of the "Air alarm" signal, should invite students to go to the nearest shelter and stop the video conference.
We also suggest that you read in more detail the recommendations for participants in the educational process on actions in case of emergency situations, which are posted on the website of the Educational Ombudsman of Ukraine.

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