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National test for digital literacy

National test for digital literacy

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has launched a national test for digital literacy of citizens “Tsifrogram” on the online platform Diya.Tsifrova Ovita. The test is an adapted analogue of the European digital competence system for citizens DigComp 2.1., Adapted by Ukrainian "experts". Despite the shortcomings (the result of passing the test is more motivational than qualifying), answering the test questions (90 questions) can help identify gaps in certain aspects of digital literacy. Based on the test results, a final (average) score is set and a certificate of passing the test is issued, which can be downloaded from the portal and saved on your computer. To start testing, you need to register on the portal, for example, using your Google account.

In addition, a number of educational series (basic digital skills, digital literacy for teachers and many others in relevant areas) are hosted on the same platform, which can help increase digital competence. Access to resources is free.

Information 03.11.2020.

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