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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

The department of material science the name U.N.Taran-Zhovnir

Kutsova Valentine Z. photo

Department manager: Kutsova Valentine Z.


Address 4 gagarin ave., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49600


Phone: (0562) 47-42-49

 About us

Our Department was established in 1931 to teach Metal Science to all the Students of Metallurgical Academy. Since 1998, we have been enjoying the right to issue diplomas for the specialists in Engineering Material Science  and giving the opportunities to choose the speciality of Metal Science or Applied Material Science. The latter speciality allows training for Marketing and Management of Contemporary Materials and Technologies.

Current Information:

Students’ Number: 382

Teaching Staff: 6 Doctors of Sciences, and 19 Candidates of Sciences

Total class’ area:190.4 square meters

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