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Designs of the Department of heat treatment of metals for use by outside organizations which may be transmitted on behalf of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine on contractual terms:


Production technology of wire for reinforcement of concrete structures with increased plastic properties BSt500 class

 Allows to manufacture wire for reinforcement of concrete BSt500 class structures in elevated levels of plastic characteristics in accordance with European Union standards, which is intended to replace the wire Bp-1 (GOST 6727).


Methods of determining the full list of indicators of mechanical properties of cold-rolled reinforcing bar B500C class in the conditions of the limited availability of testing equipment

 Allows to implement define the full list of indicators of mechanical properties of cold-deformed reinforcement bar and wire  strength 500 MPa in the limited availability of testing facilities (ie when using testing machines obsolete constructions and without recording stress-strain diagram).


Methods of identification of the reinforcing bar and wire for the reinforcement of concrete with an input control in the building industry enterprises

 Designed to the input control of the mechanical properties of reinforcing bar A500S class B500C, A600S, A600 - A1000 and wire Bp-1  (BSt500) class in the building industry enterprises; It allows the identification of reinforcement products to meet the requirements of regulatory documents to the production of a particular class of strength while reducing the duration of the test.



Ivchenko Alexander, Senior Research Associate,

E-mail:, tel.: +38-050-342-32-08

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