Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies



 1. Development of aspects of the theory of thermal and combined treatments of metals and implementation of their extensive use in the production.

2. The study of structure processes at phase transitions, as well as in the process of tempering or aging in metals and alloys.

3. Quantitative structural thermodynamics and phase transformations in metals and alloys.

4. Investigation of the influence of micro-and fine structure on the physical and mechanical properties of steels and alloys.

5. Development of theoretical and technological foundations for employment of non-stationary coolers for rapid cooling and hardening of steel.

6. Theory and practice of deformation aging of steel.

7. Development of the theory of combined treatment of rolled stock and metalware.

8. Study of phase and structural changes kinetics with construction of isothermal and thermokinetic diagrams.

9. Development of criteria for optimization and expert evaluation of technological processes parameters of heat treatment of metals. Development of theoretical bases of expert systems for level-to-level evaluation and design of optimum conditions for heat treatments.

10. Theory and technology of a new kind of properties formation of metals and alloys - geometric and structural strengthening.

11. Theory and technology of a fundamentally new type of metallic materials alloying - vacancies alloying.

12. Development of modes of the differentiated thermal processing for the main rails and switches. Development of new hardening devices and computer software for controlling the process of thermal treatment of rails and switches with automatic temperature control of heating and cooling speeds.

13. Development of scientific bases of self-spreading high temperature synthesis heat treatment and self-spreading high temperature synthesis new materials.

14. Development of the physical and technical processes theory during the coating by ion-plasma method in vacuum on the surface of steel products and their impact on the processes of structure formation and complex of units properties.

15. Development of the principles of physical and technical processing of low-carbon economically alloy steels with bainitic structure for railway products (rails, wits, etc.).

 Modern scientific research directions are processes of structure formation and their relationship to the set of properties of metals: working out thermal or complex processing parameters to optimize the structure and properties, design and technological parameters of heating and hardening equipment for projects implementation. The general concept of the scientific research of Department today sounds like thermal or combined treatment (thermo-mechanical, chemical and thermal) of metal rolling, pipes and metal items in order to improve the properties of complex carbon steels to levels that correspond to (or above) alloy steels, reduction of machines and structures weight through the use of thermo-strengthened steels as well as heat treatment or complex processing of products made from alloy and special steels.

 Staff of the department also performs:

– The development of integrated solutions for the preparation of specifications for design technology and combined heat treatments of different metal items;

– Selection of design and technological parameters of heating and hardening equipment, cooling media;

– Support of design, installation, and commercial development of products stages.

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