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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

The basic scientific directions

 The Ukrainian school of electrometallurgists which headed byacademician National Academy ofUkraine Gasik M.I., is the leader among scientific and pedagogical collectives not only the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), but also the World. 

 On scientific and technological development by department of electrometallurgy National Metallurgy Academy of Ukraine are designed and constructed ferroalloys shops and plants in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, China, India, Egypt, Slovakia, Romania and other countries. 

Mainstreams of scientific and scientific and pedagogical activity of faculty of electrometallurgy:

1.  Thermodynamics, kinetics and development new resource protect processes of primary extraction of metals of ores by manufacture of ferroalloys carbon thermal, silicon thermal and aluminum thermal methods;

2.   Development of theoretical bases and creation of new technological processes of refinement of ferroalloys and restoration oxides in vacuum;

3.   Development of theoretical base of the nature of chemical connection of leading elements in manganisecontent natural and artificiality materials;

4.   Development of the theory of a structure and research of diagrams of a condition oxides and metal systems on the basis of manganese, chrome and silicon;

5.   Creation of the theory of a structure of steel-smelting slags and the mathematical device of an estimation of influence of its structure on processes of melt electro steel ofspecial value;

6.   Development of theoretical bases and new technologies of reception of refractory and super firm materials on base oxides, carbides and nitrides systems for the abrasive industry and special branches;

7.   Development of the theory and technology of reception carbon graphite materials;

8.   Development of the theory, technological circuits and processes of reception of color alloys on the basis of aluminum with application of nonconventional materials;

9.   Development of theoretical bases and technological parameters of operation of the basic electro technical both constructional units electro ferroalloys and electro steel-smelting units.

10.      Researches heat physical and thermodynamic processes of out furnace steel processing;

11.  Development of the automated control systems of electrometallurgical aggregates. 

 By results of researches by graduates and employees of faculty 3 State premiums of Ukraine are received in the field of a science and technics, 2 premiums of the National Academy of sciences of Ukraine, 3 premiums of the Academy of sciences of the Higher school of Ukraine, the premium of Council of Ministers of the USSR, 2 State premiums Ukrainian SSR, over 400 patents from which 21 international, it is published over 1500 scientific works from which 46 textbooks and monographies.

 During 54 years every week on faculty the scientific seminar works. 

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