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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Department of electrometallurgy

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Department manager: Projdak Yuri


Address 49600, Dnepropetrovsk, Gagarin ave. 4, lecture-hall 227


Phone: +38(056)-37-48-364

The department of electrometallurgy conducts preparation of experts in a field of knowledge "Mechanical engeneering" by a speciality 136 - "Metallurgy" according to educational programs:

for bachelor degree

-Technology and equipment for producing of metals and alloys;

for master degree

-Electrometallurgy of steel and ferroalloys;

-Information systems and operational management of technological processes;

-Special metallurgy.

The honored worker of a science and technics of Ukraine, the academician of the Academy of sciences of the Higher school of Ukraine,  doctor of technical science, professor Y.S.Proidak heads division.

Now in staff of faculty academician NASU, 4 doctors of technical science, professors, from which Ovcharuk A.N. - laureate of the State premium of Ukraine, Projdak Y.S. - laureate of the State premium of Ukraine, and also 3 academicians of the Academy of sciences of the Higher school of Ukraine (Gladkih V.A., Ovcharuk A.N., Projdak Y.S.), 2 candidates of technical science, professors, 6 candidates of technical science, the associate professors, 2 lecturers.


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