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Attention freshmen!

Location of classrooms and facilities are here


faculty members with students academy dedicated to the start of the school year, will be held

September 1, 2016 in the 815

near the main entrance to the academy.

In 900 held organizational meetings I year students and college graduates.

July 16 Day of Metallurgist

Congratulations on the holiday!

Regional scientific seminar News icon

Scientific Section Regional Research Seminar of Pridneprovsk Scientific Center of NAS «Modern problems of control and simulation of complex systems« will be held in NMetAU, 24.06.2016, at 15-00, in a conference hall.

Speaker: Gnatushenko Viktorija Vladimirovna.

Topic: «Models and methods for the processes of data transmission in wireless networks quality improvment».

Results of the Expert Commission on of accreditation training in the specialty 8.18010011 "Intellectual Property" field of knowledge 1801 "Specific categories"

In the period from 11.05.2016 to 05.13.2016 including in NMetAU expert committee was working formed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Decree at 21.04.2016 № 739 l, which conducted the accreditation expertise educational qualification training by level "master" specialty 8.18010011 "Intellectual Property" field of knowledge 1801 "Specific categories". The conclusions of the expert committee are in the tab "Results of the expert committee on accreditation of training in the specialty 8.18010011" Intellectual Property "field of knowledge 1801" Specific categories "at the department.

The composition of the expert committee:

Tsybulov Pavel - PhD, Professor, Head of Department "Intellectual Property Law" separate structural unit "Intellectual Property Institute of the National University" Odessa Law Academy " in. Kiev;

Soloschuk Mikhail Nikolaevich - Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of Department "Information and Intellectual Property" of the National Technical University 'Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute' in Kharkiv.

Congratulations! News icon


Congratulations to Kavats Alena, an assistant professor at the ITS department. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine awarded her a grant.

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