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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine


Dnipro municipal hospital No. 6 asks workers and students of NMetAU to donate blood on March,

29 at 9 o'clock in the morning (Batumska Str. 13, seven-storeyed surgical building) with passport and identification code.

Based on Accounting and Audit Department of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine

on March, 30-31, 2017 will be conducted

the International Research-and-Practical Conference


A form of participation in the Conference is extra-mural (distance)

ITMM 2017 - Program conference News icon

Научно-техническая конференция, посвященная анализу проблем и перспективам развития информационных технологий в металлургии и машиностроении – ИТММ’2017, состоится 29 марта 2017 года на базе Национальной металлургической академии Украины.




29.03.2017 – КОНФЕРЕНЦ-ЗАЛ

8.30     –   9.00  Регистрация участников.

9.00     –   11.30  Открытие конференции. Пленарное заседание.



Порядок проведения секционных заседаний указан в программе конференции.

MASTER CLASS «Informed search methods in artificial intelligence» News icon

MASTER CLASS  «Informed search methods in artificial intelligence» for Masters from groups: ЕК01-12, АВ01-12, КН01-12, and for all other students, young researchers and teachers.

The main results and achievements of International PICASA project News icon

PICASA is a TEMPUS project funded by the European Union, active in Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine. PICASA was created to promote recognition of Eastern Neighboring Area HE systems through development and integration of internationalization dimensions into structural and cultural components of HEIs management. 

Results of the competition for the best expert creative intellectual activity 2017 among the students of full-time and distance learning National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine

The results of Olympiad (I phase: January-February 2017) for the best connoisseur creative and intellectual activity among the students of full-time and distance learning National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, which was attended by 116 students presented below. The active participation in conducting the Olympiad took students: Extra-Mural Faculty, Humanities, Electrometallurgical Faculty, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of physical metallurgy and treatment of metals. The winners will participate in the Olympics on Intellectual Property (II stage: April 2017), which will be held at the National Technical University "Kharkov Polytechnic Institute"

International educational seminar «Internationalization of Higher Education: experience of EU Tempus PICASA and UNIVIA projects» News icon

On 21 of December 2016 Senior Project Manager of IRO (NMAU) Iryna Sorokina took part in the seminar “Internationalization of Higher Education: experience of EU Tempus PICASA and UNIVIA projects” organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


Regional scientific seminar News icon

Scientific Section Regional Research Seminar of Pridneprovsk Scientific Center of NAS «Modern problems of control and simulation of complex systems« will be held in NMetAU, 15.03.2017, at 15-00.

Speaker: Guda A.I.

Topic: «Models and methods for adaptive-search identification systems with chaotic dynamics».

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