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On June 4-05, 2020, the All-Ukrainian contest of qualification works for students of specialty "Business, trade and exchange activities" was held on the basis of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Trade of Odessa National Polytechnic University.

146 works from 54 universities from 24 cities of all regions of Ukraine were sent to the contest of diploma theses of the master's degree and 23 bachelor's theses.

The jury of 25 persons from of 18 universities (12 cities of Ukraine) has identified the survivors.

Congratulations to the winners-masters of our department and their supervisors:
Matyashchuk S. (EP 01-14 M). Diploma of III degree. The supervisor prof. Dovbnya S.B.
Bodnya D. (EP 01-14 M). Diploma in the nomination "For the forming of a holistic concept of the researched problem". The supervisor docent Gulik T.V.

Gayun E. (EP 901-13-M). Diploma in the nomination "For the presence of a meaningful discussion". The supervisor docent Pysmenna O.O.

Congratulations to Petrenko Vitaly on his anniversary! News icon

The beginning of summer at the Department of Intellectual Property and Project Management was marked by a pleasant event - the anniversary of a wonderful man and a sensitive colleague - Professor Vitaly Petrenko.
Our professor is a person who can be said to be "a talented person talented in everything." Having started his scientific career since his student years at the Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute, Vitaliy Oleksandrovych did not stop in his development for a moment. It is this professional perseverance that allowed him to achieve considerable success not only in the scientific world, but also in the field of practice of the modern metallurgist.
It should also be noted that Vitaliy Oleksandrovych always paid attention to the problems of public life. He is actively involved in the development of young people, directing their energy to the development of creative personality, the creation of certain results of science to improve the modern world.
Vitaliy Oleksandrovych is respected among students, who note his positive mood, orientation for the formation of interest in subject disciplines. It is the openness and high professional qualification of our professor that "charge" students to participate in conferences, competitions, Olympiads. And every year the department proudly contributes to the "treasury" of its achievements regular prizes.
The department sincerely congratulates the jubilee and wishes him not to lose his perseverance in the professional sphere, and to remain a bright, kind person, in communication with whom you smile and feel warmth!

Сьогодні відбувся захист кандидатської роботи асистента кафедри ІТС Зимогляда Андрія Юрійовича News icon

Today, the defense of the candidate work of the assistant professor of ITS Zimoglyad Andrey Yuryevich took place.

The subject of the work is “Mathematical modeling of a pulse converter for controlling a thermal evaporator with an unsteady load”.

Supervisor - Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Guda A.I. Congratulations to Andrey Yurievich on successful defense!



Regional scientific seminar News icon

Scientific Section Regional Research Seminar of Pridneprovsk Scientific Center of NAS «Modern problems of control and simulation of complex systems« will be held in NMetAU, 24.06.2020, at 15-00.

Speaker: Serhiy Mykhailovych Matsyuk..

Topic: "Models and methods of synthesis of the optimal predictive regulator for the process of large-scale crushing of ores".

Speaker: Kovilin Yegor Romanov.

Topic: "Model of generating answers based on unstructured knowledge base in search engines".

International competition of student research papers in specialty 141

May 30 at the base of the Kremenchug National University named after Mikhail Ostrogradsky held the final

Scientific-practical conference of the International competition of student research papers on specialty 141 "Power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics"

Students from Ukraine, Poland, China, Iran, Georgia took part in the competition. At the final conference, 52 students from 18 higher education institutions made scientific reports in the form of PowerPoint

According to the results of the review of scientific works, the Competition Commission of specialty 141 "Electric power industry, electrical engineering and electromechanics"

decided to recognize the winners of the Competition and award diplomas of the II degree

for student scientific work “Application of numerical methods for solving the system of normal differential equations in problems of electrical engineering and electromechanics”

students Netyksha Ekaterina (National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine) and Kuznetsova Alisa (Dnipro National University named after Oles Honchar)

under the guidance of associate professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electric Drive NMetAU Kuznetsov Vitaliy.

 Winners of the International Student Scientific Contest on specialty 141 "Electric power, electrical engineering and electromechanics"

 ketep_6314.jpg ketep_7262.jpg


We have lost Valentyn Mykolajovich News icon

On May 23, 2020, when the clouds struggled with the sun and formed unsurpassed landscapes in the sky, Valentyn Mykolayovych Danchenko completed his earthly journey.

Teacher, Scientist, Head of the Family.

Valentyn Mykolayovych headed the Metal Forming Department of NMetAU from 1999 to 2012. He gave a part of himself to many students, graduate students, doctoral students. He enriched world science and industry with beautiful solutions and the ability to see through years and circumstances. It has always been difficult, but very pleasant, to work with Valentin Mykolayovych. His silk-like humor remains with us. And we go further along the vector indicated by the Chief. Thank you. Remember.

Metal Forming department NMetAU

Congratulations to the new professor!




The Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 14.05.2020 No. 627

Decisions of scientific councils of higher education institutions and scientific institutions on conferring the academic title of professor

National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine – Olga Petrovna Luchaninova – Professor of the Department of Engineering Pedagogics

Awards in the thesis competition! Congratulations to students and supervisors! News icon

The Allukrainian contest of diploma works of students of higher educational establishments was conducted on the base of the Kharkov National Auto-Road  University on April, 23, 2020 by the department of economy and enterprise .

Department of economy and entrepreneurship named after of T.G.Ben` congratulates winners!

The diploma of III of degree of Dushina A., supervisor professor Dovbnya S.B.

Certificate in a nomination "For grounded theoretical research" Shishkina N., supervisor docent Ігнашкіна Т.Б.

Certificate in a nomination "For evident presentation of results of research" Gorb Ye., supervisor docent Гулик Т.В.

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