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April 15 is the Day of Environmental Knowledge News icon

Ecology education is the necessary part of the harmonic ecological safety development of the society. That is why ecological upbringing and informing of public, training of highly educated specialists are the most important means of transformation for sustainable development of all countries in the world.

The Day of Environmental Knowledge is grave for people all over the world because it’s telling about safety live ways in future for everyone. Inoculation of ecological culture today is the guaranty of health preservation for future generation!

The aim of this poll is desire to attract attention to the importance of environmental knowledge and to find out how the population of the city is informed about points of ecology as a science and is interested to save proper environment for their own lives.

This video was collected and prepared by students of NMetAU Sobolevska Sophia (ТЗ01-20) and Skryaha Daniel (ХТ01-20)

Порядок роботи конференції ITMM’2021

Шановні учасники

Міжнародної науково-технічної конференції 
«Інформаційні Технології в Металургії та Машинобудуванні ІТММ 2021», 

захід відбудеться в online форматі з використанням платформи Zoom


Для підключення до Zoom конференції потрібно перейти за посиланням

Ідентифікатор конференції 870 0637 8880

Код доступу: 865431


17 березня 2021 року

9.40 – 10.00 Підключення до Zoom конференції
10.00 – 12.00 Відкриття конференції. Пленарне засідання
12.00 – 12.30 Coffee break
12.30 – 17.00 Підключення до Zoom конференції. Доповіді по секціях


Програма Міжнародної науково-технічної конференції «Інформаційні Технології в Металургії та Машинобудуванні – ITMM2021»




Based on Accounting and Audit Department of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
on March, 30-31, 2021 is being held the V All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference
A form of participation in the Conference is extra-mural (distance)


Collection of theConference's Materials

New foreign patent received

     Academy staff, associate professor of the department Department of metallurgical production machines and units Raber L.M. and the head of Patent and License Department Ivchenko A.V., together  with colleagues from  Rudny Industrial Institute (Republic of Kazakhstan) received KZ patent for «Method for testing steel bolts for alternating bending under operational stress», №5930 from 12.03.2021.

    Congratulations to the authors with new achievements!


To the attention of the teaching staff, undergraduate and graduate students

 We invite you to take part in the company's webinars Clarivate.

All events are free, they are held in duplicate, in  Webex (pre-registration is required). Choose a convenient time, follow the indicated links and by clicking on the word Register, fill out the registration form. A participant certificate is provided for those who attend more than 90% of the main time of the webinar.

March 9, 2021

Topic: Можливості ресурсів Clarivate для успішної грантової заявки

 10 March 2021

Topic: Хижацькі видання: розпізнати і не припуститися помилки
Check in:





The library informs


To the attention of the teaching staff, undergraduate and graduate students


We invite you to take part in a joint webinar from Clarivate and "Antiplagiat"

(In online mode, based on the Internet service Cisco Webex)

«Publish not perish, or how not to die when publishing»

March 4   9001100

Pre-registration is required by the link


"University leadership in the transition towards Industry 4.0". February 17-18, 2021

The anniversary of the start of the new international project " Boosting the role of HEIs in the industrial transformation towards the Industry 4.0 paradigm in Georgia and Ukraine", that is being implemented under the Erasmus + program, was marked by a flagship event – by the International Workshop "University leadership in the transition towards Industry 4.0" that was held on February 17-18, 2021. Due to the quarantine restrictions, the event took place online on the Zoom platform that even helped to attract a wider range of participants.

The two-day program was very comprehensive. The following lectures took place on the first day of event: “Interaction industry-university for (lifelong) learning: some lessons learned” (Prof. Philippe Saey, KU Leuven, Belgium), “The experience of IPPfor pedagogic/didactic issues of engineering education in relation to Industry 4.0” (Prof. Teresa Pereira, InstitutoPolitecnico Do Porto, Portugal), "Entrepreneurship for engineers: implementing training for students, involving industrial partners:experience, best practices and lessons learned from EIT" (Prof. HenrikBlomgren, KTH Royal Institute ofTechnology, Sweden). In a lively discussion, participants identified the priorities in introducing the Industry 4.0 context to the educational programs and teaching practices.The first day was finished with a meaningful discussion that was based on a joint report by professors of the Odessa National University Eduard Kuznetsov and IrynaNyenno“Methodology of training managers in the Industry 4.0 epoch”.

During the second day of the webinar, the partners discussed the approaches to project implementation at each project beneficiary. The Department of Technology of Machine Building is the main unit for project implementation at the NMAU where the new training laboratory "Virtual Machine-Building Factory" will train both students of the academy and staff from industrial partners.

NMAU is actively integrating into a new reality - the fourth industrial revolution that is a determining factor at current stage of civilization development. Recently, the academy became a partner of the Industry4Ukraine platform which unites industrial and high-tech sectors for the development of modern industry as the basis of the Ukrainian economy.

So, despite all the difficulties, our project is rapidly developing. Moredetailsareavailableonthewebsite

HEIn4 logo                         Erasmus Plus Logo

Results of the Olympiad " design of machines for metal processing processes by pressure" News icon

Metal Forming department of NMetAU with kind supporting of software KOMPAC-3D supplier on February, 21 hosted the interfaculty Olympiad "Design of Machines for Metal Forming".

The Olympiad was held at distance participation format using the Microsoft Teams platform.

Congratulations to the winners:

1st place - Anastasia Pisotskaya (ME07-16M);

1st place - Denis Kuznetsov (ME07-16M);

2nd place - Mefed Daria (IM01-18);

2nd place - Ekaterina Pesotskaya (ME07-17-1);

3rd place - Viktor Bondar (MB01-16M);

3rd place - Bogdan Marienko (IM01-18).


New copyright certificates have been obtained News icon

The lecturers of the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship named after T.G.Ben`have obtained copyright registration certificates for the textbook "Analysis of economic activity" of Part 1,2,3 (compilers Svitlana Dovbnya, Tetyana Gulyk, Alla Kerbikova, Elizaveta Drofa) and the textbook "Sustainable development in industry" (compilers Olexandra Pysmenna, Olga Goncharuk, Oksana Malyuk, Alla Kerbikova). Congratulations to the authors!

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