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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Scientific directions of the Department

1. Theoretical and experimental investigations of the metal forming (drawing, rolling), mainly when accounting for the effects of friction, wear and lubricants (Prof. Dolzhansky A.M.)

2. Investigation of the process of unspunbonded drawing electrode and wire (Lomov I..)

3. Conditions mechanical descaling with a steel wire; development of national standards of Ukraine, their harmonization with international (Ermakova E. C.)

4. The study of conservation process unspunbonded and spunbonded drawing wire rod (Lomov О.Б.)

5. Classification standards for steel products (Polyakova N.V.)

6. Management microstrains torsion and bending steel wire волочении (Мосьпан N.N.)

7. Multi-phase transformations in high-alloyed iron alloys with chemical-thermal treatment (Chernoivanenko E.A)

8. Theoretical and experimental study of the behavior of defects of the steel wire when волочении (Petlevaniy E.A.)

9. Qualitative basis of optimization of the production processes (Bondarenko O.A.)

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