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Speciality 175 - Information and measurement technologies

175 - Information and measurement technologies
Qualification: Bachelor, Master


Training in specialty 175 - Information and measurement technologies will allow students to get: 
- basic knowledge of fundamental natural sciences, mathematics and mathematical statistics in the amount necessary for the development of general-professional disciplines in metrology, standardization and certification;
- basic knowledge in computer science and the use of modern information technologies;
- advanced knowledge of methods and means of measurement in any field of economic activity;
- in-depth knowledge of the systems of standardization and certification of Ukraine and the world;
- basic ideas about the basics of the functioning of measuring equipment;
- in-depth knowledge of legal metrology and measurements unity observance;
- in-depth knowledge of metrological and normative provision of technical control of products and services quality;
- basic concepts of quality management systems and product quality assessment;
- basic knowledge of innovative development, design and research work;
- basic knowledge of entrepreneurship and personnel work organization; 
Knowledge and understanding application:
- ability to use knowledge of fundamental disciplines and mathematical apparatus for the implementation of professional-profiled knowledge and practical skills in the field of metrology, standardization and certification;
- the ability to use information resources, including electronic databases, reference literature, standards, etc. to improve their professional level, innovation, design and research in the professional field;
- possession of the basics of office work and implementation of technical documentation regulatory control with the definition of standardization level and unification in project;
- the ability to determine the necessary means and perform measurements and tests under specified conditions and with the necessary accuracy;
- ability to process the results of measurements and tests using statistical methods;
- ability to correct and develop normative and technical documentation (standards, certificates, technical specifications for products, methods, control cards, etc.);
- the ability to perform technical control of products and processes quality, to identify inconsistencies;


Each of us is a CONSUMER of many types of products and services and at the same time - MANUFACTURER of certain types of products or services used by other people. Therefore, each of us is interested in the total high quality of products and services. This interdependence is a base of society and prosperity progress.
The experience of developed countries suggests that product quality can and should be managed. It not only satisfies the needs of consumers, but also greatly saves financial and material resources of society.
Standardization, assessment of conformity with certification, technical control and metrology are used for process management and control over the production of products (provision of services).
STANDARDS with state support are a documented form of public agreement on a rational "price-quality" ratio that satisfies the majority of consumers and producers in the country.


Comparison of available and required by standards products (services) properties is carried out on the basis of quality control and measurement using METROLOGY in standardized processes of QUALITY AUDIT, ASSESSMENT OF CONFORMITY, which are the basis of the CERTIFICATION.
All of these activities form the scope of TECHNICAL REGULATION to meet the needs of people.
The success here is conditioned by the organization of processes in which the lack passage to consumer becomes impossible.
As the response to such a need of society appeared INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS on the quality systems. Their scope is constantly expanding and covers an increasing number of aspects: production, environment, safety, social responsibility, risk management, energy management, etc. These documents are designed in such a way that they can be applied in any branch of economic activity, in organizations of any ownership form and size.
Ukraine is an active participant in the reputable International Organization for Quality and Technical Regulation and works to harmonize its normative base on international standards. Their introduction into practice is inextricably linked with quality measurement, on the basis of qualimetry and metrology also as modern methods of research and processing of statistical material. Professional fulfillment of all these works is impossible without mastering of modern information technologies, first of all - in the areas of metrology, standardization, certification and quality.
All of this forms the training content of universal specialists in the specialty 152 - "Metrology and Information and Measurement Technology"
Only a few Ukraine universities (and only NMetAU in our region) are training metrology specialists with an emphasis on the use of quality system standards: ISO (and DSTU ISO) series 9000, 14000, 17000, 22000, 26000, 27000, 31000, 50000,EN 26000, EN 45000 and others, in particular so-called "Good Practices". This is determined by the urgent needs of organizations in specialists of quality assurance, standardization and certification, metrology and technical control.
Since 2004 the specialized department "Quality, standardization and certification" in NMetAU teach bachelors and masters on the specified profile. Students receive special knowledge in the field of development and use of quality systems components, use of measuring devices, development and maintenance of normative and technical documentation, products and processes quality control, etc. Particular attention is paid to computer training of students. This has the necessary material equipment.
Our graduates are able to work in any field of the economy activities (management and technical regulation, heavy and light industry, construction, agriculture, industrial and household chemistry, trade, food production, pharmacology, etc.) and, as practice of their employment shows, take places at enterprises and organizations with prestigious positions of experts in quality assurance and standardization and certification work, expert auditors, staff of metrology services and tech control over decent wages.
The graduating department "Quality, Standardization and Certification" has the experience of employing graduates both in state bodies of technical regulation and in enterprises.
- in the conditions of European integration of Ukraine, the transition to European and international standards and the output of domestic products to new markets, ..
- in the course of updating the legislation of Ukraine in the spheres of consumer protection, metrology and metrological activity, standardization, conformity assessment of products and services, ..
- under conditions of introduction of quality management systems in most enterprises, certified according to the requirements of international and regional standards ISO series 9000, 10000, 14000, 17000, 22000, 27000, 31000, 50000, EN 26000, EN 45000 and others,..
- in the conditions of the acute need of many enterprises in specialists on technical regulation and quality management, ..
- in the conditions of the necessity of measuring the vital characteristics of goods and services of everyday use for life and health of a person, ..
... THE RIGHT CHOOSE OF HIGHER EDUCATION RECEIVING IS THE STUDY AT THE DEPARTMENT OF "Quality, Standardization and Certification" of Ukrainian State University of Science and Technology.

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