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Standardization Technical Committee TC 136 "Timber wares"

Since 2005 when the department there is a technical committee of standardization TC 136 "Timber wares", whose activities are: fasteners, wire; wire products, including: barbed wire, wires, nails, staples, chains, nets. At the TC 136 is in charge of the development, review and harmonization of national standards, according to the scope of activities, participate in the related technical committees of international and regional organizations and the formation of Ukraine's position regarding the regulatory texts of these organizations.

Management Team TC 136:

1.        Head of TK 136 – d.e.s., prof., a manager of department  "Quality, standardization and certification" Dolzhanskiy A.M.

2.        Vice-chairman TK 136 – initial bureaus of standardization of OC "Dneprometiz" Lukanova L.A.

3.        A responsible secretary is an associate professor of department "Quality, standardization and certification", k.e.s., Ermakova O.S.

In times of existence of TK 136 "Timber wares" more than 200 projects of national standards of Ukraine, harmonized with international and European normative documents are developed, majority from which went into effect already, and also more than 10 Technical conditions in obedience to the orders of metiz enterprises of Ukraine.

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