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The winners are known

The winners are known

The competition for the award for the best scientific work of students and young scientists , which conducts annual National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. This contest from our academy received 13 works - from 6 students graduate from 4 and 3 of young scientists. As a result, four awards were received , which is a good indicator for such a competition .

The winners were: Group of students PT -07 Vladimir Golub and Anastasia Kashchenko ( senior lecturer IA Solovyov ) . They were awarded certificates and cash prizes.

Assistant of the Department of Environmental Engineering and Safety VV Turishchev ( supervisor Prof. VP Bobilev ) and professor of materials science graduate student Catherine Chernoivanenko (supervisor Prof. S. Gubenko ) awarded diplomas .

Congratulations to the winners !


(according to the newspaper "Staff metallurgy " ? ? 11-12 from 28.03.2013 y )

Learn more about our winners Vladimir Golub , Anastasia Kashchenko and their work , see " Scientific Activities - Research - research work of students ."


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