Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies


The modern name is a department of finance, faculty of economy and management.

Our department is relatively young, especially comparing to general age of NNetAU. Year of foundation of department is 2002. The department was created with devision of department "Finances and account" (2000r.) But ignoring the fact of a young age of department and teaching stuff, in this short time our department has enough achievements and successes.

The special and prominent facts are from history of department:
  • licensing (2004) and accreditation (2005) of the master's degree program after speciality "Finances";
  • functioning of Dnipropetrovsk center of postprivatization support of enterprises (managed by prof. Savchuk V.P., doc. Kharitonova G.G.) is providing consulting activity and introduction in the educational process of department of actual knowledges and modern technologies of studies.


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