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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Department of Finance

Sokyrynska Irina Genadivna photo

Department manager: Sokyrynska Irina Genadivna


Address rooms Б 316, Б 604, Б 607, Б 608, NMetAU, av. Gagarin, 4, Dnipropetrovsk, 49600, Ukraine


Phone: тел:38-66 (кімната Б-607); тел:31-72 (кімната Б-316); тел:34-18 (кімнатаБ-604)

A department prepares specialists and master's degrees on speciality "Finances and credit" by specialized program "Financial Management in Business". 

"Finance and Credit" is for those who want to learn how to manage the financial flows of the company and financial institutions, to determine the strategy management of these flows to ensure the financial stability of companies and organizations.

 Finance and credit - is:

• Modern methods of financial management of the real economy and the financial sector;

• Financial Management of local government;

• activities of the organization and control of taxation, management of insurance funds, banking;

• Business Valuation;

• compilation and analysis of investment projects, diagnosing the financial condition of the company;

• implementation of crisis management.

The main advantage of graduates in "Finance and Credit" - their high demand in the labor market. They can work in the business and industrial enterprises, as well as in banking, insurance companies, financial institutions, investment funds, consulting firms. Graduates of the department work as: • Chief Financial Officer or the company (CFO); • Financial Analyst; • economist and financial advisor in the bank, an insurance company; • specialist in revenue service, treasury, financial management.

Specialists in "Finance and credit" have the opportunity to work in any area and get a decent fee for their work.

"Finance and Credit" provides a set of knowledge in the field of financial management of enterprises, banking and insurance, state and local finance, money, stock market, tax and taxation, business valuation. In-depth practical training is carried out at an internship in companies and organizations of various sectors of the economy, ownership and business organization.

For 13 years the Department of Finance has a lot of achievements and successes. In the faculty of the department three doctors and professors, 7 associate professors. Students in "Finance and Credit" actively involved in the scientific work of the department, and procuring the victory in the Olympic Games, the national and international scientific conferences. Annual International Student Conference "Young Academy" provides an opportunity to prove himself as a young scientist.

Education in the Department of Finance NMetAU provides many benefits:

• High quality training - basic, interdisciplinary;

• guarantee of employment after NMetAU;

• training on the Bologna system allows our students to continue their studies and internships at leading European universities




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