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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Department of technological engineering named after V.M. Druyan

BALAKIN Valery Fedorovich photo

Department manager: BALAKIN Valery Fedorovich


Address Department of the technological designing, 4, Gagarin Avenue, Dnipropetrovsk, 49600, Ukraine.


Phone: (+38056)-374-86-81(ТП), 46-04-58(ТП), (+38056) 374-81-93(БЖД)

Preparation of specialists on the chair of the technological designing is carried out on specialties "Metallurgy of ferrous metals ", "Metal forming" with the specialization "Computer designing in metallurgy". It is the only one of its kind chair of a similar type in Ukraine. Every year the chair adopts about 50 freshmen and several students after technical schools or colleges on the 2nd or on the 3rd years.

The chair of the technological designing provides all standard of education of specialists: bachelor, specialist, master's degree. It has specialists who manage prepara-tion of post-graduate students and persons working for doctor's degree.


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