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New arrival.




With such a dedication donated to the library the monograph "Rheometallic" (2 copies), Doctor of Technical Sciences, respected professor Shlomchak Georgy Grigorievich. 



The event is extraordinary at the moment. Every year the number of published scientific publications that fall into the library's book fund is decreasing.

The presented monograph highlights the results of research into the fundamental features of the development of deformations of rheologically different metals under complex types of loading. The previously unknown phenomena and regularities of the plastic flow of metals discovered by the author are described. The presented material is united under the general name "Rheometallica", accompanied by a number of diagrams and tables.

The author writes: "Fundamentally new technologies should be based on comprehensive knowledge about metal and the use of this knowledge not according to the principle of" crushing the metal ", but to help it flow plastically, but ... in the right direction." This edition will help to supplement knowledge and help.

Taking the book in hand, you feel the warmth and a large amount of knowledge that the author has put into it. The monograph has been published with great aesthetic taste.

The monograph is intended for researchers and specialists in the field of "Metallurgy", "Materials Science", "Mechanical Engineering", as well as doctoral students, postgraduates and students who are studying in the relevant specialties.

We invite you to visit the library (reading room of scientific literature is located in the new library, 2nd floor) and get acquainted with the presented edition: Rheometallics: monograph / G.G. Shlomchak. - Dnipro: Lira, 2021. - 312 p.

Library Director              S.N. Fakhrutdinova


The library informs

To the attention of faculty, students and graduate students

Clarivate and Antiplagiat invite authors of scientific publications to a free training webinar:

 How to Stop Worrying and Start Publishing

Webinar date: September 29, 2021

Time: 11:00 - 13:00 (UTC + 3)

Conditions of participation: free of charge with preliminary registration by the link.

Webinar program:

Topic 1. "The Author and "Antiplagiat": from love to hate ..."

Topic 2: "Publication Activity: Faster, Higher, Stronger"


A participant's CERTIFICATE is provided, which will be sent by October 6 to the e-mail specified when connecting to the webinar to everyone who will listen to more than 90% of the webinar time.

 Library administration

The library informs

To the attention of faculty, students and graduate students


The State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in cooperation with ORCID during September and October 2021 (September 29, October 1, October 4), will hold a series of webinars and workshops on:

“The use of permanent identifiers of scientists and institutions, their role in the scientific ecosystem. ORCID tools for scientists”.

The webinars will take place online using the ZOOM platform and with a live broadcast on the Youtube channel of the DNTB of Ukraine.

The following topics will be covered at the webinars:

Topic 1: “Persistent identifiers and the benefits of their use for researchers, institutions and research infrastructure. About the project of creation of the National electronic scientific information system URIS (Ukrainian Research Information System). Advantages of using ORCID for scientists and institutions”.

Topic 2: "Getting started with the profile of a scientist in ORCID (master class)".

Topic 3: "Integration of researcher's scientific work in ORCID (master class)".

 The participant registration form for a series of webinars is available at:

 The detailed program of webinars can be found at:


Library administration


The library informs

 To the attention of faculty, students and graduate students  


We invite you to take part in the webinars from Clarivate

(Online with Cisco Webex Internet Service)

September 8, 2021

Topic: Fast and correct posting with EndNote

Registration by links:


September 9, 2021

Topic: New and Old Features of the Web of Science Core Collection

Registration by links:

10: 15-11: 15

16: 15–17: 15

Library administration

The library informs

Dear teachers, staff and students of the Academy!

We congratulate you on the beginning of the new academic year and invite you to re-register on subscriptions for educational

and scientific literature. 

Newly enrolled students are invited to enroll in the library on a subscription to educational literature,

which is located on the 1st floor of the new building of the library. 

The library works for readers  from 1000 to 1645 hours.

Weekend: Saturday, Sunday.

Library administration.

To the attention of faculty, students and graduate students


We invite you to take part in the webinar from Clarivate

Topic: Updated Journal Citation Reports

The webinar will discuss the new program interface, the main indicators that can be defined for the publication, why the impact factor is not calculated for purely humanitarian publications, which shows the new metrics Journal Citation Indicator (JCI), how to use the tool to select and evaluate publications for publication and to form a strategy for the development of the publication.

July 8, 2021




Library administration

To the attention of the teaching staff, undergraduate and graduate students


Provided by the ability to work remotely with the ScienceDirect platform without binding to the institution's IP address.

To set up access, use the instructions posted on the website of the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine at the link:

Library administration

The library informs


We invite everyone to get acquainted with new books,

which are presented at the exhibition on the subscription of scientific literature (room 259).





1. Gutkevich S.A., Pugacheva K.M. Master's work: methodology of writing and defense: a textbook on the methodology of writing master's work for students of the specialty "International Economic Relations" / S.А. Gutkevich, K.M. Pugacheva; NUHT. - Kiev: Helvetika, 2017 .- 200p.

The manual contains practical advice to undergraduates from the moment of choosing a topic, writing the text of a manuscript, to the moment of defending a master's work. 

2. Khodakov V.E., Kiryushatova T.G., Zakharchenko R.M. Applications in computer technologies for processing accounting information: a textbook for university students / V.E. Khodakov, T. Kiryushatova, R.M. Zakharchenko; ed. V.E. Khodakov. - Kherson: OLDI-PLUS, 2017 .- 334p.

The textbook developed a set of laboratory-practical works for the study of the disciplines "Computer technologies for processing accounting information", "Information systems for accounting, audit, control", "Information systems and technologies in management", "Automation of production and automated control systems", "Corporate Information Systems". The manual contains educational tasks, exercises and questions for self-control.

3. Computer technologies for designers: tutorial/ A.V. Shekhovtsov, G.N. Poletaeva, D.A. Kryuchkovsky, R.V. Baranenko; ed. A.V. Chepelyuk. - Kherson: OLDI-PLUS, 2017 .- 318p.

The basics of work on the creation of WEB-pages using HTML are considered; graphic editor for creating two-dimensional animation Macromedia Flash.




4. Maevskaya L. Ethnopedagogy: tutorial / L.N. Mayevskaya. - Kherson: OLDI-PLUS, 2017 .- 288p.

The manual has been prepared for students of higher educational institutions. The manual will also be useful for higher education teachers who train specialists for professional activities in the socio-cultural space. 

5. A guide to applied scientometrics: tutorial / N.M. Ride, A.V. Zazimko, L.V. Klikh and others - Kherson: OLDI-PLUS, 2017 .- 344p.

The textbook prese ...

To the attention of the teaching staff, undergraduate and graduate students

 We invite you to take part in the company's webinars Clarivate.

All events are free, they are held in duplicate, in  Webex (pre-registration is required). Choose a convenient time, follow the indicated links and by clicking on the word Register, fill out the registration form. A participant certificate is provided for those who attend more than 90% of the main time of the webinar.

March 9, 2021

Topic: Можливості ресурсів Clarivate для успішної грантової заявки

 10 March 2021

Topic: Хижацькі видання: розпізнати і не припуститися помилки
Check in:





The library informs


To the attention of the teaching staff, undergraduate and graduate students


We invite you to take part in a joint webinar from Clarivate and "Antiplagiat"

(In online mode, based on the Internet service Cisco Webex)

«Publish not perish, or how not to die when publishing»

March 4   9001100

Pre-registration is required by the link


To the attention of the teaching staff, students and graduate students

Webinars from Elsevier specialists for Ukrainian users

on the effective use of the ScienceDirect platform

(Online based on Zoom Internet service)


Topic: Getting Started with ScienceDirect

Description: Join the webinar to learn how to get started with ScienceDirect. Learn more about creating and setting up an account, as well as remote access options to help you work with ease from anywhere in the world.

February 18, 2021, at 12.00. (In English):

February 19, 2021, at 10.00. (In Ukrainian):


 Topic: ScienceDirect: A wealth of knowledge

Description: This webinar will demonstrate how you can find and access relevant relevant and interesting scientific content. It doesn't matter if you're looking for magazines, books or other documents, ScienceDirect makes it all easy. The question of how to effectively search for literature and how to stay informed about the development of a specific area of ​​knowledge will be considered.

February 23, 2021, at 10.00. (In Ukrainian):

February 25, 2021, at 13.00. (In English):

To the attention of the teaching staff, students and graduate students


Access to Sсience Direct provided


The National Metallurgical Academy received annual access to e-books (almost 39 thousand editions) on the ScienceDirect  platform (including unlimited access to the collection of 2088 electronic monographs 2019-2020).

The resource is accessed from all computers of the Academy with an Internet connection.

We remind you that the users also have access to the SCOPUS and Web of Science databases. 

"For the attention of scientists"


For the attention of scientists, specialists, teaching staff of educational institutions, graduate students and masters!


The State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine (SSTL) provides services for depositing the results of intellectual activity (RID).

On the website of the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine in the section "Services", in the subsection "Depositing" there is an instruction on depositing the results of intellectual activity of scientific and technical content in the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine.

We will help you turn the result of intellectual activity into a source of passive income.

Contact phone (044) 521-93-53

The library informs about new acquisitions


Dear Readers! 


      Within the framework of cooperation of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine with the Azov State Technical University, the rector of the university Voloshin Vyacheslav transferred a number of monographs and textbooks to our library, the author and co-author of which is Mr. Voloshin, which can find their readers among the scientists of our academy.


Rector of Priazovsky State Technical University

Voloshin Vyacheslav Stepanovich



        1. Pogrebnyak V.G. Ecological Technology of Creating Waterproof  Screens / V.G. Pogrebnyak, V.S. Voloshin. - Donetsk: “Knowledge (the branch in Donetsk). 2010 . - 482 ps.


    The authors of the publication carried out a complex study of polymer solutions under hydrodynamic effects. Comprehensiveness was a necessary condition for success in solving the assigned tasks, not only scientific, but also technical.

      The technology of creating waterproof screens is based on utilization of rubber-like properties of a polymer solution that arise under definite conditions while going through porous media.


    The monograph is intended for specialists in engineering technology, hydro-mechanics, graduate students, master-degree students, senior students.




      2. Kovalenko G.D. Fundamentals of radio ecology: textbook /G.D. Kovalenko, <span class="span1" style="fo ...

For the attention of faculty, students and graduate students

Got access to Springer Link

The National Metallurgical Academy gained access to the full-text resources of the Springer Link portal, namely: Springer magazines 1997-2020 and 2017 Springer eBooks.

Payment of access for the state budget was provided by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine through the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine. Access to resources is carried out from all computers of the academy connected to the Internet.

We remind you that users also have access to the SCOPUS and Web of Science databases.

Library congratulations on the Day of Metallurgist

Dear fellow metallurgists!



The library congratulates you on our professional holiday

«The Day of Metallurgist» !


For thousands of years, the life of all mankind is unthinkable without metal, and people who have the honor and destiny to bear the world this miracle, at all times enjoyed great respect. Today, science has presented metal with countless new forms, it surrounds us everywhere: from the simplest everyday things to the most important mechanisms. But as before, every gram of his keeps a particle of his creator's soul.


On these holidays, the library presents the

“Metal in the Service of a Man”

book exhibition and invites everyone to the subscription of scientific and technical literature

(room. 259).


Good health, peace, happiness and goodness!

"The courageous fighter for the truth and freedom"

 The word of Panas Mirny is the word  devotion to the people and homeland.

 M. Stelmakh

The name of Panas Mirny (Panas Yakovlevich Rudchenko), a classic of Ukrainian literature, is well known in our country and far beyond its borders. He deservedly occupies an honorable place among the advanced revolutionary-democratic writers of the second half of the nineteenth century.

He is rightly called the leading figure of Ukrainian prose, an outstanding artist - a realist, the conscience of the working people. The content of all the multifaceted activities of Panas Mirny is serving the interests of the people.

He wrote: "Enchanted and drunk, I took up my work, rejoicing that at least a small - small spot would serve it for the benefit of my native country and its enslaved peoples."

“The courageous fighter for truth and freedom” is the name of the book exhibition dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the birth of Panas Mirny (1849-1920), which you can read on the subscription of fiction (aud. 417-a).

Day of Remembrance







I am not in vain worried so that the war will not be forgotten:

 After all, this memory is our conscience, it is, as a force, we need ...



   Dear readers of the library!

The Second World War was a severe test for our system, the whole country, every Ukrainian. The country has become a single combat camp; front and rear forged victory together. It consisted of large and small battles, of military everyday life of soldiers and officers, of their courage and a great sense of duty and responsibility to the Motherland. The library dedicates the book exhibition “Memorial Day” to all the dead and now living veterans.

We invite everyone to the subscription scientific and technical literature (room.259).

Labor protection in the industry

To the world day of labor protection, which is celebrated onApril 28, the library organized a thematic

book exhibition “Labor protection in the industry”.

In an extremely complex system of relations “man-machine-medium”, a special place is given to engineering personnel, whose training in higher educational institutions provides for mastering profound knowledge of modern technologies and technology.

Modern production is characterized by the presence of various harmful factors - physical, chemical, biological, psycho-physiological, social and mechanical, the nature of which the engineer should know well to prevent workers from being injured, to avoid injury and the development of occupational diseases, that is, to engage in the "labor protection" of a person.

Twenty publications presented at the exhibition cover the basics of labor protection at enterprises and safety engineering. The exhibition is interesting and useful, first of all, to students - graduates and undergraduates, as well as to all interested.


1. Дмитрук І. М. Трудове право України: Навч.-методичний посібник / І.М. Дмитрук.- Миколаїв: видавничий дім «Гельветика», 2017. - с. 63-69.

2. Охорона праці: Навчальний посібник / За ред. В. Кучерявого. - Львов: Оріяна-Нова, 2007. - 368с.

3. Довідковий посібник керівника та спеціаліста гірничо-металургійного підприємства з охорони праці: Навч. посібник / В.О. Шеремет, О.І. Каракаш, В.Ф. Марунчак та ін.- Дніпро: «Ліра ЛТД», 2005. - 850с.

We invite all interested to get acquainted with the book exhibition "Labor protection in the industry"

<span style="font-fami ...

Labor protection is a pledge of life!

The reference and bibliographic department of the library invites everyone to the presentation 

of the book exhibition “Labor protection is the key to life!”

Labor protection is a system of various measures aimed at preserving the life, health and working capacity of a person in the process of labor activity.

The main goal of labor protection is to create safe working conditions at every workplace, to operate equipment, to reduce or completely neutralize the effect of harmful and hazardous production factors on the human body, and, as a result, to reduce the level of industrial injuries and occupational diseases.

The readers are presented nine editions of legislative topics, among which we ask to pay special attention to the new edition:

Кодекс законів про працю України [Текст]. чинне законодавство України зі змінами та доповненнями станом на 4 травня 2018 року.: -К. : «Центр учбової літератури», 2018. - 84 с.

We invite all interested to the bibliographic department

(2nd floor of the new library).