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Department history.

The department was established since EkaterynoslavMiningSchoolbecame an independent institution of higher education. During the course of its history, the department has changed its name 3 times: the Department of Foreign Technical Literature (1926 -1934), the Department of Foreign Languages (1934 -2003), the Department of Translation and Foreign Languages (2003 - to present). It was the idea of Professor V.A. Guskov and Professor P.G. Rybin to introduce a compulsory subject of the English language into the curriculum for a metallurgical engineer with the objective to teach the bases of technical translation to the intending professionals. Since 1926, all students of the Institute studied foreign languages. At the end of each academic year, students had to perform their written translations of an article (topic depending on the specialty) and answer orally the questions of the course. 

After reorganization into Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute (DMetI) and renaming the Department as the Department of Foreign Languages, the number of students, who studied foreign languages for the metallurgical sphere, totaled thousands of undergraduates, postgraduates and research assistants.

During 18 years, since 1976, DMetI’s Department of Foreign Languages was the Reference department of Dnipropetrovsk region, organizing regular seminars for teachers on foreign languages methodology for students of technical specialities, claiming for annual conferences, and developing the teaching aids, which cover all the aspect of the metallurgist’s work.

In 2004, the procedure of the State Attestation for the “Translation” speciality has been carried out and the Department obtained the official license and permission to carry out training of intending interpreters for diplomas recognized byUkraineand the Institutions who work within the Bologna Declaration.

Nowadays, the work of the Department is organized around the four principle directions: English, German, French language and Translation for metallurgy (full-time and part-time instruction). 

Heads of the Department and Outstanding Teachers

1935 -1941 - N.S. Dobrovolskaya in charge of O.V. Borysova, N.G. Ylyanenko, B.N. Lesko, D.D.Syrota.

1943 -1974 - A. Volovych headed the team of  V.K. Klinger, L.I. Tkachenko, E.I. Mandel, M.A. Poloskaya, G. Ya. Volohonenko, O.A. Polischuk, R.P. Perters, L.P. Varshavska.

1974 - 2003 - candidate of philological sciences, prof. V.V. Korkishko (2003 – 2004 - Department consultant).

2003 - present - candidate of philological sciences, associated prof. V.V. Prutchykova.

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