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For enrollees

Dear boys and girls!

If you are interested in languages and if in the future you see yourself as professional translators, if you want to find an interesting job after graduation and to self-actualize, come to us!

At the Department of Translation and Foreign Languages, you will get deepen your knowledge, will be able to do translation practice at the best enterprises of the city, engage in scientific research, take part in international conferences and projects. With us, you will not only get excellent language training but also master the subtleties of the profession of translator.

Friend, the choice of profession is the first independent and very responsible step in life, so it must be right!

If you want to find out where our graduates work, what heights they have reached, to hear their impressions of study and work, visit the link:

Interested in the history of the department, welcome to

If you want to know about our teachers, look here

 Click on the following links if you have any questions.

 If you want to learn more about the speciality "Philology (Germanic languages and literature, translation inclusive)", see here:

 Did you know that translator is one of the oldest professions, which became necessary as soon as national languages appeared? Do you remember the biblical story about the Tower of Babel, about how helpless people became without understanding each other?

 Do you want to know what is closer to you personally - to translate or to interpret? Choose, come, become a real professional, and we will help you with this!



Download the information letter.doc (shanovniy_abituriente__2507.doc 37 kb)

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