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Sharkova Nataliia Fedorivna

candidate of psih. science, assistant professor



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Graduated from Dnipropetrovsk National University with double major in Practical Psychology and Teaching English Language and Literature

In 2007 acquired PhD degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology in G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

In 2011 acquired an academic status of Associate Professor (Docent)  of the Department of Translation and Foreign Languages


Teacher of English, psychologist


Psychological principles of foreign language teaching management; the ways of infusing culture in foreign language instruction; the use of ICT in educational environment


2010-2011 Scholarship, Fulbright Faculty Development Award, the Embassy of the United States of America in Ukraine, and the Fulbright Program in Ukraine

2012-2013 Scholarship, Visby Program, the Swedish Institute.


2002-2006 Psychological Principles of Foreign Language Teaching Management in Preschool, Department of General and Educational Psychology, Dnipropetrovsk National University

2010-2011 Infusing a Multi-Cultural Approach into Foreign Language Instruction, M. Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development, University of Rochester, NY. Sponsored by the United States Department of State administered by the Institute of International Education. 

2012-2013 The Use of Modern Information and Communication Technology in Educational Settings, The Department of Applied Educational Science, Division of Interactive Media and Learning (IML), Umea University, Sweden. 

Has published over 30 articles.


1. Sharkova N., Sharkova S. (2019) Teaching translation in technical University: the peculiarities of working on the texts on metallurgy // ISSN 2522-4085 (in Ukrainian)

2. Sharkova N. (2017) Some psycho-pedagogical aspects of improving the quality of educational environment through ICT: the experience of foreign Universities // Технології розвитку інтелекту, Том 2, #5 (16). (in Ukrainian)  

3. Sharkova N. (2016) Digital technologies in foreign language classroom: perspectives and opportunities // Global Changes in Ukraine: Global Changes in English Teaching in Ukraine: Book of Convention Papers. Львів ПП "Марусич", c. 176-177

4. Sharkova N. (2015) ICT as a tool of managing individual work of college students // Будуємо нову Україну: Збірник конференції 26 – 27 листопада 2014р., м. Київ. – Київ: Видавничий дім «Києво-Могиляеська академія». с. 110 – 116. (in Ukrainian)

5. Sharkova N. (2014) Learning supported by technology in higher education: from experience into practice // Education Inquiry. Vol. 5, # 3, September 2014. P. 429 – 444.

6. Sharkova N. (2013) A university course: discussing the ways for better design //Open Education 2030. Contribution to the JRC-IPTS. Vision Papers. Part III: Higher Education.2013. P. 173-176.!

7. Sharkova N. (2010) Enlarging the Learner's World Through Senses // English Language Teaching News. #63. Fall 2010. Institut fur Anglistic und Amerikanistik, Universitat Wien.

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