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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Department rate


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pidsumki_diyalnosti_u_2014-15_n.r.docx (pidsumki_diyalnosti_u_2014-15_n.r.docx 10 kb)

Department rate in 2011/12 (reyting.doc 35 kb)

Department rate in 2010/11 (reyting_kaf.v_2010-11_godu.doc 33 kb)

reyting_kafedri_2016/17.docx (reyting_kafedri.docx 10 kb)

Department rate in 2012/13 (ktvorint_9444.doc 38 kb)

pidsumki_diyalnosti_u_2015-16.docx (pidsumki_diyalnosti_u_2015-16.docx 10 kb)

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Department rate

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