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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

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Zubov Vyacheslav

doctor of engineering's sciences, professor


E-mail: кафедральный

Phone : +380563748285

Room : 4

Zubov Vyacheslav Leonidovich, was born on August, 21st, 1953 in a Dnepropetrovsk. Dr.Sci.Tech. (2004), the professor of faculty of electrometallurgy (2005)

Has finished the Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical institute with distinction (nowadays National metallurgical academy of Ukraine) in 1975, on qualification the engineer-metallurgist. Works in NMetAU with 1975 During work borrowed such posts: the secretary of committee of Komsomol Dmeti (1975-1979), the senior scientific employee of problem laboratory of New metallurgical processes (1979-1998), deputy director JSC "Zaporozhye ferroalloys plant" (1998-1999), chairman of supervisory council JSC " Zaporozhye ferroalloys plant" (1999-2002), the senior scientific employee of faculty of electrometallurgy (2002-2004), the professor of faculty of electrometallurgy (2005). The expert in the field of the theory and practice of manufacture of siliceous ferroalloys. The co-author of the large-scale project on introduction of the "know-how" of ferroalloys with replacement in charge parts of coke - anthracite.

Pedagogical activity is connected with teaching lectures on disciplines " Electrometallurgy of steel and ferroalloys ", "Theory and technology of metallurgical manufacture ".

The co-author of 92 scientific articles and 7 monographies.

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