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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Grinshpunt Alexandr photo

Grinshpunt Alexandr

doctor of engineering's sciences, professor


E-mail: кафедральный

Phone : +380562362105

Room : 1

Grinshpunt Alexandr Grigorevich was born on July, 11th, 1946 in a Dnepropetrovsk. The senior lecturer of faculty of electrometallurgy (1995), the professor (2002). The winner of the premium of Ministerial council of the USSR (1990). Has finished the Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical institute (nowadays National metallurgical academy of Ukraine) in 1975. On qualification the engineer-metallurgist. Works in NMetAU with 1968. During work borrowed such posts: the engineer (1970-1975), the younger scientific employee (1976-1981), the senior scientific employee (1981-1989), the leading scientific employee (1989-1995), the senior lecturer of faculty of electrometallurgy (1995-2002), the professor (2002). The basic directions of scientific and scientific and pedagogical activity: researches in the field of the theory and practice electrotherm of inorganic materials, mathematical modelling, identification of processes of heat exchange in self-conglomerating electrodes ore regenerative electric furnaces. Amount of proceedings - 168, including 52 author's certificates of the USSR and 18 patents of Ukraine.

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