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Safety alphabet

Dear participants of the educational process!

According to the order of UDUNT dated 02.08.2023 No. 28a-g "On compliance with safety rules during the educational process" taking into account the conditions of martial law, possible missile and bomb attacks, shelling, destruction and other threats to the safety of life, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the safety recommendations, which are posted on the portal of the State Emergency Service in the "Safety Alphabet" section. The most important are the following safety recommendations:

dangers of a social nature (Discovery of explosive objects (munitions from times of war), Actions in the event of a terrorist act, shootout, seizure of transport);
man-made hazards (Radon in drinking water. Nitrates and nitrites, Radiation hazard, Chemical hazard, Caution - mercury!);
fire hazard (Fire indoors and outdoors, Fire in public transport, subway, train, plane, ship);
natural hazards;
dangers of a different nature;
actions of the population in emergency situations of a military nature;
actions in emergency situations;
household hazards.

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