National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Educational-Scientific Institute of Integrated Education

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Director: Tatyana Hohlova


Address 49005, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, Gagarin avenue, 4


Phone: +38 (056) 746-32-57

State Institute of the Industry Personnel Training and Retraining (SIIPTR) had been created in 1997 by joint order of the Ukraine Ministry for the Industry and the Ministry of Education.

SIIPTR as the higher educational institution, has been accredited on to ІІІ level and worked on full self-financing in structure of education-scientific complex with National Metallurgical Academy. Rector of these institute during this period - known metallurgist, the honored worker of a science and technics of Ukraine, the academician of Academy of the higher school of Ukraine, the winner of the State premiums of Ukraine and the USSR, Dr, Prof. Stanislav Pliskanovsky (is more detailed - see on a site Wikipedia).

SIIPTR carried out preparation, retraining and improvement of professional skill of experts, mainly - under the continuous form of training that allows students to combine training in institute with work.

During the period with 1997 on 2013 institute has prepared more than 12 thousand qualified experts, which work in sphere of manufacture, including heads of the enterprises, business-structures and official bodies.

«Institute of Integrated Education» as structural division of National Metallurgical Academy is formed in concordance with Order of Cabinet of Ukraine from March, 06, 2013 ?117 «About reorganization of a Higher educational institution «State Institute of the Industry Personnel Training and Retraining».

The institute has more than 15 years of experience in organizing and holding scientific conferences (including outside Ukraine). With the support of the management of NMetAU, the institute annually organizes and holds four conferences:

- International Conference "Strategy of Quality in Industry and Education" (held since 2005 in Bulgaria, on the basis of the Technical University of Varna);

- International Conference "Innovative Technologies in Science and Education. European experience” (conducted since 2017 in the leading universities of the European Union);

- All-Ukrainian conference "Young Scientists 2020 - From Theory to Practice" (held since 2010 on the basis of NMetAU and Nikopol Faculty of NMetAU);

- All-Ukrainian conference "Youth and Science. The practice of innovative search" (launched in 2019, conducted on the basis of NMetAU and Nikopol Faculty of NMetAU).

These conferences are annually included by the Institute for Modernization of the Content of Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the List of Scientific Conferences on Higher Education and Science in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Since 2017, the organizing committee provides the participants of these international conferences with an opportunity to do an internship under an international program (with a certificate from TU-Varna). More detailed information on conferences can be found in the relevant section (see "Conferences").

WARNING! About the peculiarities of the educational process 



Nikopol Faculty (Nikopol city)

Department of educational process organization and information support

Nikopol Regional Center for Monitoring of Education and Social Partnership

There are three departments within the Institute



Department of Theory, Technology and Automation of Metallurgical Processes

Department of Administration, Management and Entrepreneurship

Department of Humanitarian, Fundamental and General Engineering disciplines