National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Nikopol Faculty

Nikopol Faculty of NMetAU is a structural subdivision of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Integrated Forms of Education of NMetAU and continues the glorious traditions of the well-known DIPOprom in Nikopol and far beyond, offering everyone who has the desire and opportunity to study to get a bachelor's or bachelor's degree. specializations, the most popular employers in Nikopol.

The faculty was established in 1998 as a subdivision of the State Institute of Industrial Training and Retraining - DIPOprom (Order of the Minister of Education of Ukraine and Minister of Industrial Policy of Ukraine dated 13.10.98 № 362/373, Order of the Rector of NMetAU YM Taran, Chairman of the Academic Council complex "NMetAU-DIPOprom" from 29.10.98, 8118) and until 2013 worked as part of the educational and scientific complex "NMetAU-DIPOprom". All the years of DIPOprom's existence (1996-2013) its permanent rector was the founder of the institute and faculty - Stanislav Tikhonovych Pliskanovsky - a famous metallurgist, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, academician of the Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine, laureate of state awards of Ukraine and USSR, doctor of technical sciences , Honorary Professor of NMetAU. In 2013, by order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine (№630 of 28.05.2013) DIPOprom was joined to NMetAU and continues its work as part of the academy as a separate structural unit - Educational and Scientific Institute of Integrated Forms of Education (Director of NNINIFN - Prof. Tetiana Khokhlova), which included the Nikopol Faculty of NMetAU. Detailed information is on the faculty page.