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XV International Conference at the Technical University of Varna (Bulgaria)

The XV International Conference "Quality Strategy in Industry and Education", organized and provided by the Institute of Integrated Education of NMetAU (Director, co-chairman of the organizing committee of the conference Prof. T. Khokhlova) with the support of the NMetAU leadership was successfully held June 3-6, 2019 at the Technical University Varna (Bulgaria). At the end of the conference, the participants were presented with certificates of origin confirming the participation in the conference, as well as certificates of TU-Varna about internship under the international program. A conference proceedings has been prepared for publication (in the form of a book and on a CD).





More than 50 representatives of higher education institutions and scientific organizations from Ukraine, Bulgaria and other countries participated in the conference.






Taking into account part-time participation, the total number of participants was more than 400 people from approximately 140 scientific organizations and higher educational institutions of four states.

According to the Program of the conference and the agreement on cooperation between NMetAU and TU-Varna, representatives of the University conducted study tours for departments and laboratories of the University for the participants of the conference (see photo).







The organizing committee prepared and published a conference proceedings, which included over 120 abstracts and articles (total volume - 550 pages). Proceedings is released in two formats - traditional, on paper (in the form of a book) and electronically (on CD).

For the participants of the conference, who submitted applications for internship through an international program (4 credits, 120 hours), from May 31 to June 9, 2019, the leaders of the relevant departments of TU-Varna and leading scientists were given a series of lectures and held 2 master classes. One of the master classes was held by TU-Varna specialists in tandem with colleagues from Ukraine (National Aviation University, Kiev). 




As a result of the internship and participation in the conference, the participants were presented with certificates of identity confirming the participation in the conference, as well as certificates of internships, confirming the international experience for obtaining the title of associate professor and professor in accordance with the new "Procedure for approving decisions on the awarding of academic degrees" No. 656 from August 19, 2015 and the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education", which are also taken into account in the licensing and accreditation of educational services.



After the conference was completed, a survey of its participants was conducted, which showed that the objectives set by the organizing committee were fully implemented. The participants sincerely thanked the representative of NMetAU in the organizing committee of the prof. Tatiana Khokhlova for the excellent organization of the event and the opportunity to exchange experience with colleagues from the Technical University of Varna and colleagues from the universities of Ukraine and Bulgaria.

The Organizing Committee expresses its sincere gratitude to the administration of the Technical University of Varna and personally to the rector of the TU-Varna prof. Wentsislav Valchev for the excellent conditions that were created for the conference and internship under the international program.


Secretary of the Organizing Committee

PhD in Eng. Sc. Yurii Stupak

Nikopol's Faculty (Nikopol sity)