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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Faculty of physical metallurgy and treatment of metals

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Deen: Nosko Olga Anatolyevna


Address Dnipro, pr. Gagarin, 4, to to. 514, 515


Phone: (0562)47-43-33 (факс)

On a faculty prepare specialists after next specializations (by specialities) ...

Technologies and informative providing of processes (Treatment of metals by pressure);

Marketing and commercial accompaniment of metallurgical products (Treatment of metals by pressure);

Planning and komp'yuterne providing of processes of treatment of metals by pressure (Treatment of metals by pressure);

Planning and komp'yuterne providing of processes of production of black metals (Metallurgy of black metals);

Physical metallurgy;

Heat treatment of metals;

Komp'yuterne of design of materials (Heat treatment of metals);

Applied materialoznavstvo;

Management and marketing of modern materials and technologies (Applied materialoznavstvo);

Design of materials (Applied materialoznavstvo);

Composition and powder-like materials;

Functional coverages (Composition and powder-like materials);

There is a corrosion protection of metals (Metallurgy of black metals);

Quality, standardization and certification.


By an order 134 (36) from 10.04.1931 on the Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical institute a technological faculty was founded, in composition as the base entered departments of treatment of metals by pressure and physical metallurgy and heat treatment. Becoming of faculty took a place for the last years, pedagogical trade of profesorsko-vikladackogo collective was perfected, his qualification grew. On the departments of faculty, composition of which broadened constantly, scientific schools and directions were created, educational and experimental laboratories were entered.

Scientific school of Ukrainian roll, which is founded a prominent a scientist academician AN the USSR and AN of UKRAINE of O. P. Chekmarevim and which it managed more than 40 years, worked out the important theoretical and practical problems of science and production, pov'yazani with treatment of metals by pressure, and presently works fruitfully.

By the founder of Dnepropetrovsk school of termistiv and it by a confessedly leader during almost piv-stolittya was academician AN UKRAINE of K.F.Starodubov. Due to it this school and presently known not only in Ukraine but also in many countries of the world.

Due to efforts of member-correspondent AN UKRAINE K. P. of Bunina, his students and associates, was founded and Dnepropetrovsk metalografichna school - large research center in modern physical metallurgy, which in future headed the known Ukrainian scientist and teacher academician of NAN of Ukraine of Yu.M.Taran, worked fruitfully.

Ponderable successes obtain teachers and research workers of faculty in industry of planning of metallurgical workshops and technologies, powder-like and composition materials, defence of metals, from corrosion.

On a faculty such worked scientists are known, as: V.M.Svechnikov, A.P.Vinogradov, M.S.Mut'ev, O.O.Dinnik, I.T.Zherdev, Ya.V. Polite, O.O.Baranov, O.P.Grudev, M.M.Saf'yan, V.M.Druyan but other Researches which was conducted on the departments of faculty in days gone by and proceed presently are incarnate in new technologies of metallurgical production, modern materials with unique properties, textbooks and monographs.

In a present tense in the complement of faculty of materialoznavstva and treatment of metals (former technological) six enter producing and one fundamental department, on which the well-to-do are needed terms for preparation of skilled specialists for industry and scientific shots:

-obrobki metals by pressure (manager: doctor of engineerings sciences, professor V.M. Danchenko);

-metaloznavstva (manager: doctor of engineerings sciences, professor Kucova V.Z. )E.P.;

-termichnoy treatments of metals (manager: doctor of engineerings sciences, professor Deyneko )L.M.;

-tekhnologichnogo planning (manager: doctor of engineerings sciences, professor Balakin, In.

-coverages, composition materials and defence of metals (manager: doctor of engineerings sciences, professor Pinchuk )S.Y.;

-yakosti, standardizations and certifications (manager: doctor of engineerings sciences, professor Dolzhanskiy )A.M.;

-vischoy mathematicians (manager: doctor of engineerings sciences, professor Pavlenko a.V. ).

Among the graduating students of faculty statesmen, heroes of Ukraine, folk deputies, leaders of enterprises and organizations.

The deans of faculty in different years were:

Akad. Chekmarev o.P., doc. Semikin And. O., prof. Mut'ev m.S., doc. Bel'chenko g.I., prof. Likhanskiy v.S., doc. Molchanov O.I.

Presently position of dean is held a by k. t. n., doc. Nosko O.A.



Department of coatings, composite materials and the protection of metals

Department of technological engineering named after V.M. Druyan

Department of metal forming

Department of heat treatment of metals named after K.F.Starodubov

Department of Quality, Standardization and Certification

The department of material science the name U.N.Taran-Zhovnir

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