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Department of industrial mechanical engineering

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Department manager: Belodedenko Sergey, professor


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The chair is the base in Ukraine on teaching of engineers on a speciality "Metallurgical equipment of metal works". In due time it was leading among 19 related chairs in the former USSR, including 7 of them in Ukraine in connection with high enough level of research and methodical works. The new curricula for mechanical engineers preparation, standard curricula and the basic textbooks on a speciality were developed on the orders of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education.

There are three educational laboratories and two classes equipped with personal computers in the chair disposal.

The chair teachers paid a lot of attention to educational process perfecting - to problems of course and degree projection, an industrial practice, research work of students. The educational literature which is published both the central publishing houses and the academy possibilities is regularly updated. The new disciplines are developed which have been introduced into the plan of preparation of mechanical engineers: continuous metallurgical processes and aggregates; the theoretical fundamentals of metallurgical lines and aggregates; the technological fundamentals of projection of metallurgical machines and aggregates; the metallurgical equipment reliability and longevity; technic of experiment and the fundamentals of scientific probes of the metallurgical equipment; the design fundamentals of the metallurgical equipment projection; hydraulics and a hydraulic drive gear of metallurgical machines; robots and manipulators of metallurgical departments.

Manuals on special disciplines are published along last years: "Calculation of metallurgical machines and mechanisms", "Tehnological lines and complex of metallurgical departments". Monography "Devices, maintenance and reconditioning of the hydraulic mechanisms drives of blast-furnace plants" and quick references "Reliability of the metallurgical equipment", "Reliability heightening of the metallurgical equipment" have been written. The interactive multimedia textbook "Constructing, calculation and research of machines and mechanisms of metallurgical departments", the interactive collections "the Visual encyclopedia of metallurgical departments", vol.1-3, the manual "Free approach to patent bases of the world" are created at the chair.

Scientific research works are conducted by chair in the following directions:

creation of new and perfecting of existing metallurgical machines and mechanisms; the auxiliary machines of blast furnaces, steel-smelting, rolling, pipe-rolling, foundry and ferroalloy smelting shops; steel vacuuming installations; metallurgical robots and manipulators; development of mechanics of loose materials with application to metallurgical aggregates; dynamics of machines and mathematical simulation of processes and modes of metallurgical productions equipment behaviour, including the hydrolic equipment; development of the technical application of probability theory, and also theories of fatique, wearness, mechanics of breakage, reliability as the fundamentals of calculation and projection of the safe, effective and competitive metallurgical equipment with the account power and resourses saving; creation of the fundamentals of optimum projection of the metallurgical equipment at the probability input of initial data, also including on the basis of multicriteria optimisation development; development and perfecting of methods and approaches therotechnology; perfecting and working out of protection devices of the metallurgical equipment from collapse and overloads; engineering of control system for technological and operation parametres, prediction of refusals and diagnosing of the metallurgical equipment condition; constructing and computer-aided design of the metallurgical equipment, technological lines and means of mechanisation; research and optimisation of composition of the technological lines equipment of metallurgical departments. The principals of scientific directions are known in Ukraine and abroad specialists: V.I.Bolshakov, V.A.Ermokratev, A.M.Ioffe, E.K.Mamchits, I.G.Mahnitsky, V.I.Grinevich, S.V.Belodedenko, V.D.Vdovin.