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The chart of educational process envisages after finishing  the third year a receiving  by student the  subjects of future Research work of students and the first stage of its  implementation in the period of production practice. Further in the process of studying  a student analyses the collected material, compares it to world experience, executing a literary review on the chosen subjects, takes part in realization of experiments, analysis and treatment of the received results. The enterprise, interested in bringing in to work of graduating students that have a high level of preparation and acquainted with the structure of metallurgical workshop and its  problems, gives out the list of subjects of research works and enters into with Institution of higher learning a contract on realization of these works by students. According to the level of preparation and inclinations the received tasks become firmly established after students that under the direction of leading teachers and specialists of plant or workshop laboratories execute these tasks during 2÷3 years of studying. Balance of the work of student during 2-3 years is, both report on Research work of students and corresponding master's degree or diploma work(project).

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