Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies


June 22, 2009 Department of Engineering Education has released its "First Swallows" - Student group PRO-04. Students of the youngest faculty academy having survived a serious exam fee in his life - the protection of thesis. Topics dissertations deeply reflect the educational process in college, especially the work of various departments, experimentally confirmed the use of innovative forms and methods of work with students. By working with academic sources, analyzing the theoretical and methodological principles of the educational process in the academy and institutions of higher education in general, students Bondarenko Julia, Vasilieva Anna, Kuzmenko Lion, Novikova Alina, Roslik Irina, Chuprina Alexander showed that the thesis - is the result of the quality of training the university. Diploma - a reliance on knowledge of all the professional disciplines of the cycle. The process of protecting thesis is very complicated, but it is also very interesting. Why? And because while defending students were already before the commission as engineers and teachers. They were able to present technologically literate scientific apparatus diploma, demonstrate pedagogical skills, namely: ownership of audience attention, expressive intonation of speech, communication skills, ability to reasonably provide experimental part of the diploma. Concentration, focus, confidence, knowledge of educational technology presentations to an audience, the knowledge gained over years of training, skills, formed during undergraduate teaching and practices, psychological mood of success - that's the key to successful thesis defense.


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