National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

educational and professional program "Management of organizations",
speciality: 073 - Management


Bachelor, magister's degree


The specialists of this speciality have most demand in Ukraine, have wide knowledges and ability in area of organization and management production processes. Along with manager's capabilities obtain skills of economist of wide type for implementation of book-keeping, public accountant, financial, bank operations, management планово-экономической work on the enterprises of different patterns of ownership.

The graduating students of department can work out problems, which arise up in a production, innovative, financial, to the marketing-sale to activity of enterprises and organizations. The detailed preparation of graduating students enables them to work on industrial enterprises, in organizations of sphere of services, establishments of state administration, financial, investment and bank systems and others like that. Concordantly educationally - by qualifying description graduating students of speciality "Management of organizations" can work: by the leaders of enterprises, establishments and organizations; by the leaders of financial, book-keeping, economic, legal and administrative subsections; by leaders scientifically - experimental subsections and subsections from scientifically - technical preproduction; by the leaders of projects and programs; by main specialists - leaders and technical leaders of production subsections in industry; by chiefs (by other leaders) and masters of production areas (subsections) in industry; by the leaders of small enterprises without the vehicle of management in industry; by the leaders of other functional subsections.


A department prepares the specialists of wide type for специалильности "Management of organizations".

On a department preparation of specialists is carried out on the sedate system:

- bachelor to direction 073  "Management";

- master's degree on speciality 073.1 "Management of organizations and administration".

A management bachelor is a specialist which has base knowledges on humanitarian one, naturally scientific, economic and professionally oriented disciplines, owns base practical skills in a volume, necessary for the successful decision of operative practical tasks.

A specialist on a management can hold positions of administrator of any level, leader of organization on the whole or its subsections (to the factory, department, workshop, area, department), organizer of concrete type of works.

A master's management degree can hold positions in the vehicle of management of enterprises and organizations of industries of manufacturing industry and sphere of tourist services and рекреации, in consultative centers, innovative structures of central public and regional organs of management, and also to carry on teaching activity.

Duration of studies:

- bachelor – 4 years;

- a master's degree is 1,5 year (after the bachelor completion).

Basic special educational disciplines: operating management, strategic management, investment and innovative management, management of personnel, management of organizations, marketing, theory of acceptance of administrative decisions, finances of enterprises, record-keeping, economy of enterprise, planning of activity of metallurgical enterprises, corporate management, etc.

Except for general for speciality knowledges and abilities the graduating students of this speciality get skills of organization of business, creations of small enterprises, effective management by them in the conditions of unstable economy, get the detailed legal preparation in area of organization and course of business.