Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

Young Academy - 2013

Agenda "Young Academy - 2013"
Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies
Chair Assoc.A. Egorov
May 21, 9-00, aud.155

1.Beletsky E. (MA-08) "Investigation of the thermal state of steel ladles with ladle treatment of steel" (supervisors Michailovsky N., assistant professor, Beitsun S. assistant professor)
2.Mironov A. (MA-08) "Development of a mathematical model and study the mechanisms of ACS output side of small-state" (supervisor Trygub I., assistant professor)
3.Rokunov K. (MA-08) "The study of automatic control systems for sheet thickness odnoklitovyh reverse states" (supervisor Potap O., professor)
4.Boiko T. (MA-07z) "Automatic speed control of the main drive valtsetokarnoho machine" (supervisor Zworykin V., assistant professor)
5.Skomarohov I. (MA-07z) "Automatic drive of submission CNC" (supervisor Zworykin V., assistant professor)
6.Didenko A. (MA-08) "Development of a computer model of section rolling mill" (supervisor Kukushkin O., professor)
7.Petkoglo A. (MA-08) "Development of a computer model of section rolling stands as an object of control precision rolling" (supervisor Kukushkin O., professor)
8.Boyko K. (MA-08) "Investigation of CAP-length steel by hot rolling mills" (supervisor Zinchenko M., assistant professor)


Department Automation of production processes