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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Directions and main results

The collective of Department performs госбюджетную research work on a theme:«Study of the dynamics of the national economy of Ukraine and its factors». The basic scientific achievements are:
development of paradigmal approach to evolution of a fundamental economic science and conception of her subject constituents;
conception Middle type humanity evolution and idea of Large Eurasia;
original conformities to law of institutional humanity evolution and their feature are reasonable in different civilization educations;
creation of the modern concept about universumization of economic transformations and triune economic adjusting;
definition of key types of economic growth and methods of their stimulation under the conditions of crisis and depression;
an exposure of leading types economic increase and methods of their stimulation in the conditions of crisis and depression;
research of value of results of human's activity within the limits of forming of general theory of value;
determination of reproductive bases of state investment expansion and her economic mechanisms.


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