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 Viktor Tarasevych graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute in 1981 (since 1993 – the State Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, and since 1999 – the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine) with a specialty in "Economics and organization of the metallurgical industry" (qualification – engineer-economist). He completed his post-graduate studies at the Department of Political Economy of the same institute in 1986.
 He has been working in the higher education system, namely, at the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine for more than 32 years. He went from graduate student and assistant of the Department of Political Economy (since 2018 – the Department of International Economics, Political Economy and Governance) to the head of it.
 In 1986 he successfully defended his dissertation in the specialty 08.00.01 – Political Economy, and in 1992 – his doctoral dissertation on "Production Efficiency in the Formation of a Socially Oriented Market Economy" in the same specialty. In 1995 he was awarded by the academic title of professor of the Department of Political Economy.
 Since 1994 he served as acting head of the department, and since 1997 he became the head of the department.
 Viktor Tarasevych teaches such economic disciplines as “Political Economy”, “Economic Theory”, “Microeconomics”, “Macroeconomics”, “Modern International Economics”, “History of Economics and Economic Thought”, “Modern Economic Theories”, “Philosophy and Methodology of Economic Science”, etc.
 A lot of textbooks and teaching aids were prepared and published under his editorship and with his participation as an author, including ones with the signature stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, such as: “Economic Theory” in five volumes (Kiev, 2012), “History of Economic Doctrines” (Kiev, 2013), “International Economics” (Kiev, 2012), “National Economy” (Kiev, 2009), “Microeconomics” together with Professor of New York University K. Brabazon (Kiev, 2008), “History of Economic Doctrines” (second edition, Kiev, 2016), “Philosophy and Methodology of Economic Science” (Dnipro, 2019), “Modern international economy” (Dnepr, 2019), “Social responsibility” (Dnepr, 2019).
 He improved his qualification in New York University, Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Vadym Hetman Kyiv National University of Economics (2019year).
 The main areas of Viktor Tarasevych scientific activity are: the philosophy and methodology of economic science, the universumization of economic transformation, the civilizational dimension of economic development, economic synergetics, the international post-industrial innovation and information economy, the national economy of Ukraine in the context of globalization and European integration.
 He leads the scientific activity of the faculty, graduate students, scientists and students of the department. Under his leadership, in accordance with the  Coordination Plan of Scientific Research of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, teachers and scientists of the department successfully completed fundamental research work: “Problems of the theory and practice of transition economies” (state registration number 0100U000751) (2000-2002); “Transitional Economics: Theory, Methodology, Politics” (state registration number 0103U003232) (2003-2005); “Study of the fundamentals and patterns of development of the national economy in the context of globalization” (state registration number 0108U001721) (2008-2009); “Study of the foundations and institutions of innovative dynamics of the national economy in the context of globalization” (state registration number 0110U0003241) (2010-2012); “The national economy of Ukraine in the context of European integration” (state registration number 0016U001148) (2016-2018); “Innovative mechanisms for the development of the national economy in the context of European integration” (state registration number 0119U000332) (in progress, 2019-2021). Based on the results of these works, 34 monographs were published, more than 300 articles, about 600 abstracts, including almost half by students, the relevant proposals and recommendations to state authorities and local self-government were developed.
 The results of his scientific research are reflected in the research work of the State Institution “Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”, the Dnieper Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, as well as in proposals and recommendations to state authorities and local self-government.
 He was involved as a co-organizer and participant in a number of joint international scientific and educational projects. According to the results of their implementation, the following collective monographs and textbooks were published: Economics and the Public Sector in Transitional economies (1999); “Transitional Economics: Methodology, Theory, Politics” (2003); “Problems of the Economy of Transitional Society” (2004); “European Vector of Economic Development” (2005); “Socio-economic problems of the information society” (2005, 2010); “Sustainable development: theory, methodology, practice” (2009); “The Economics of Civilizations in the Global Dimension” (2011); “Political Economy: Past, Present, Future” (2014), etc.
 Viktor Tarasevych is an author of more than 370 scientific, scientific and methodological, scientific and educational works, including 48 monographs (13 individual), about 140 articles. The most famous individual monographs are “Economic paradigms and paradigm theories” (1995), “Essays on the theory of transition economy” (2001), “Ekunik: hypotheses and experiments” (2008), “Economic and theoretical knowledge: universumic imperatives, hypotheses, experiments ”(2013),“ Economic-theoretical knowledge: the experience of philosophical and scientific testing ”(2014), “State capitalism: the renaissance versus oblivion ”(2016), Fundamental economic science: universumity of content and development ”(2017), as well as collective “Innovation and information economy: content, dynamics, regulation” (2018), “Euro-integration dimension of the national economy of Ukraine” (2019). He has three copyright registration certificates of the works.
 His works are published in leading Ukrainian and foreign economic journals, such as: “Economy of Ukraine”, “Economic Theory”, “Finances of Ukraine”, “Social Economy”, “Mechanism of Economic Regulation”, “Problems of Economy and Political Economy”, “Actual Problems of Economics”, “Marketing and Management of Innovations”, “Questions of Economy” and “Questions of Political Economy”(Russia),“Education. Science. Society”(Kazakhstan),“International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences”(Switzerland),“Economic Studies journal”(Bulgaria).
 He took part in many scientific forums, symposia, scientific and practical conferences, including international (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, USA).
 The total number of links of his publications are 558 (according to the Google Scholar database), h-index = 13, i10-index = 18.
 At the present time there are some scientific and organizational, scientific and publishing duties, which are carrying out by him as member of organizations, such as:
- Specialized Scientific Council D 26.239.01 of the State Institution “Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the NAS of Ukraine”;
- Specialized Academic Council D 41.055.01 of Odessa National Economic University;
- Section of socio-economic sciences of the Committee on State Prizes of Ukraine in the field of science and technology;
- Interdepartmental Coordination Council on Economic Theory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
- the editorial boards of the journals "Economy of Ukraine", "Economic Theory", "The Mechanism of Regulation of the Economy", collection of scientific papers “European Vector of Economic Development”, Bulletin of the International Nobel Economic Forum, “Education. Science. Society” (Kazakhstan) and others.
He serves as an organizer and editor-in-chief of the specialized scientific economic electronic journal "Problems of Economy and Political Economy".
He acts as initiator of creation and co-chair of the All-Ukrainian Association of Political Economy NGO, member of the central council of the International Political Economic Association, member of the board of the International Association for Institutional Studies.
 He is a member of the group for specialty 051 - "Economics", guarantor of the EPP "International Economics" specialty 051 - "Economics" (EKL - Master).
Main awards and distinctions: Honorary Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (1999); "Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine" (1999); Gratitude of the Chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration (2004); The Badge "Excellence in Education of Ukraine" of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2005); Certificate of Honor of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council (2010); Certificate of Honor of the Supreme Council of Ukraine (2011); Distinction of the Chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration "For the Development of the Region" (2012); Breastplate of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council "For the Development of Spirituality" (2018); Gratitude of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2018).

 Main publications for 2014-2019:
Тарасевич В.Н. Экономико-теоретическое знание: опыт философско-научного тестирования: монография [Economic and theoretical knowledge: the experience of philosophical and scientific testing: a monograph] / В.Н. Тарасевич. – Днепропетровск: ТОВ «Типография Украина», 2014. – 110 с.
Тарасевич В.Н. Государственный капитализм: ренессанс versus забвение: монография [State capitalism: renaissance versus oblivion: monograph] / В.Н. Тарасевич. – Днепропетровск: ЧМП «Экономика», 2016. – 140 с.
Тарасевич В.Н. Фундаментальная экономическая наука: универсумность содержания и развития: монография [Fundamental economic science: universumization of content and development: monograph] / В.Н. Тарасевич. – Днепр: ЧМП «Экономика», 2017. – 1022 с.
Тарасевич В.Н. К теории современного государственного капитализма / В.Н. Тарасевич // Нариси теорії національної економіки. Монографія [Essays on the Theory of National Economy: monograph] / За ред. В.М. Тарасевича. – Дніпропетровськ: Січ, 2015. – С. 5-98.
Тарасевич В.М. Методологія субстанційного синтезу М. Туган-Барановського та проблеми розвитку загальної теорії цінності // М.І. Туган-Барановський: вчений, громадянин, державотворець. До 150-річчя від дня народження [E. Tugan-Baranovsky: scientist, citizen, statesman. To the 150th anniversary of his birthday] / Відп. ред. В.В. Небрат. – К.: Наукова думка, 2015. – 363 с. (С. 57-71).
Тарасевич В.М. Інноваційно-інформаційна економіка: зміст, динаміка, регулювання: монографія [Innovation-information economy: content, dynamics, regulation: monograph] / Тарасевич В. М., Білоцерківець В. В., Завгородня О. О., Лебедєва В. К. та ін.; за ред. В. М. Тарасевича. – Дніпро: ПМП «Економіка», 2018. - 356 с.
Тарасевич В.М. Європейська інтеграція України: проблеми, можливості, дії / В.М. Тарасевич // Євроінтеграційний вимір національної економіки України [The European integration dimension of Ukraine's national economy] / за ред. В.М. Тарасевича. – Дніпро: ПБП «Економіка», 2019. – С. 6-47.
Тарасевич В.Н. Постулаты общей теории ценности и их тестирование на материалах истории международной экономики [The postulates of the general theory of value and their testing on the materials of the history of the international economy] / В.Н. Тарасевич // Проблеми економіки та політичної економії.- 2018. - № 2. – С. 35-69.
Тарасевич В.М. Проблематика істини у світовій економічній науці [The problems of truth in world economic science] / В.М. Тарасевич // Економіка України. – 2018. – № 10. – С. 88-100. (Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, OAJI).
Тарасевич В.М. Давньосхідні цивілізації і типи суспільної еволюції: теоретичне резюме і методологічні ремарки [Ancient civilizations and types of social evolution: theoretical summary and methodological remarks] / В.М. Тарасевич // Економічна теорія. – 2019. - № 1. – С. 43-70. (Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, OAJI).
Tarasevych V. The intellectual-informational good: value and market price / Viktor Tarasevych, Valentina Lebedeva, Margarita Yaseva // Economic Studies journal. – 2019. - № 2. – P. 100-114 (Scopus).

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