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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Department of international economics, political economy and governance

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Department manager: Tarasevich Victor Nickolayevich


Address Department of international economics, political economy and governance, NMetAU, av. Gagarina, 4, Dnipro, 49600, Ukraine.


Phone: (+380562)474242

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   Department of international economy, political economy and governance (IEPEG) is the leading center of scientifically- methodological, scientifically-research and educator work in NMetAU. The department was founded in 1912 and to February of 2018 known under the name the "department of political economy". In 2018 the department began education of master's degrees, and in 2019 of bachelors per by specialization the "International economy" of speciality a 051 "Economy". Deep of theoretical education was ensuring by the balanced curricula, high professional level of faculty advisors and perfect organization of educational process. The present collective of department of IEPEG consists of 9 highly skilled teachers and scientists among that scientific degrees and scientists of rank have 8 persons per by profile speciality a 051 "Economy", in particular 3 persons are the doctors of sciences and professors.
From 1994 the department is headed by the doctor of economic sciences, professor Victor Tarasevich.
 During of all history a department provides quality fundamental economic educations of students of all specialities, of levels of qualifying and of forms of education. In 2016 a department got status of issuing for Ph.D.s per by speciality a 051 "Economy". At the same time at the department is open the Doctoral per by corresponding speciality.
 The teachers of department form at students a system idea about functioning of modern economy and give knowledge about next disciplines:
- for bachelors: the "Economic theory", "Political economy", "History of economy and economic thinks", "Modern economic theories", "Microeconomics", "Macroeconomics", "International economy", "International economic relations", "National economy", "Government regulation of economy", "Government and regional governance", "Social economy", "Budgetary system".
- for master's degrees: the "Global economy", "International strategies of economic development", "National economy", "National economy and intellectual ownership", "Governance of changes", "Governance of international competitiveness", "Social amenability", "Innovative development of enterprise".
- for the bachelors of international economists: "Political economy", "Microeconomics", "Macroeconomics", "History of economy and economic thinks", "Modern economic theories", "Social economy", "National economy", "International economy", "International economic law", "International management", "International organizations", "Budgetary-tax system", "International business", "Social-labor relations in an international economy", "Exchange activity in an international economy", "Economy of foreign countries", "Economic history of foreign countries", "European economic integration", "Transitive processes in an international economy".
- for the master's degrees of international economists: the "Modern international economy", "Global economy", "International strategies of economic development", "Social amenability", "International business and competition", "Innovative development of enterprise", "Governance changes in international business", "Governance an international competitiveness and foreign economic activity".
 The process of teaching of the marked disciplines was secured by literature that is in the library of academy and at scientifically-methodical cabinet of the department. In his funds are the newest textbooks and practicums, monographs of leading scientists, various economic magazines.
 Scientific interests of the department focus on the civilization-national and innovative measuring of evolution of the open economic systems in the conditions of globalization and eurointegration of Ukraine. In different years the researches was fulfilled within the limits of the government budget SRW: "Research of conditions and institutes of innovative dynamics of national economy in the conditions of globalization", "Research of dynamics of national economy of Ukraine and her factors", "National economy in the conditions of European integration". From 2019 SRW is fulfilled a themes: the "Innovative mechanisms of development of national economy in the conditions of European integration" and "Strategy of vanguards' of national economy and her innovative management in the conditions of global competition"(all with the corresponding numbers of government registration).
 The decennial a results of scientific and scientifically-methodical activities of the teachers of department was reflected in a 31 monograph, 6 articles in editions that is included in bases of the Scopus and the Web of Sсіеnсе, 154 articles in professional editions, 9 textbooks, 11 train releases, many theses of lectures and scientifically-methodical elaborations. By teachers and graduate students of department were successfully protected a 4 candidate and 2 doctoral dissertations per by speciality a 051 "Economy".
 Per by initiative the department in 2015 was begun publication of electronic of scientific magazine of "Problems of economy and political economy", that in 2017 assigned the status professional into the area of knowledge of "economic sciences" and was annotated in the scientific database of the Indеx Copernicus.
The high level of education of international economists is guaranteed the presence of collective of highly skilled scientifically-pedagogical workers of department, maintenance and methodology of educational process, that answer modern requirements, modern educational literature and methodical releases.



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