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Prutchykova Valentyna Vasylivna

Department manager

candidate of philological science, assistant professor



Phone : (+38056) 374-82-61

Room : 424

Has been working at NMetAU since 1979. First, after graduation from the Dnepropetrovsk State University in the specialty of 10.02.04-Germanic languages, she worked as a teacher, then a senior teacher, and then an associate professor of the department. Since 2003 she has headed the Department of Translation and Foreign Languages.

 Teaches subjects: "Introduction to Linguistics", "Fundamentals of the theory of language communication", "Linguistics of the countries of the second foreign language", "Theory and practice of translation from the second foreign language (German)". She has about 100 scientific publications.


 pragmalinguistics of discourse, paremiology, translation, cognitive linguistics.

  At different times, she received an internship at the Dresden Technical University, majoring in Technical Translation (Germany) (1989), at the Goethe-Institute majoring in Foreign Language for the Profession (1999), Eastbourne School of English for "Modern Techniques and Techniques for Teaching English for Special Purposes" (England, 2006).

 She worked closely with the Language Center of the Technical University of Freiberg Mining Academy (Germany) in the field of "Intensive foreign language learning" (1996-2004). In particular, under the Cooperation Agreement between NMetAU and TU Freiberg Mining Academy (Germany, Saxony), more than 60 students have been prepared for the international German language exams since 1996 in order to study in Germany. During the summer period, student groups were trained and escorted to Germany annually for language training at the University of Science at the TU Freiberg Mining Academy. In total, about 150 students have completed this internship.

 Within the framework of the TEMPUS program, she headed the group for the development of the newest "Program for Foreign Languages ​​for Academic Purposes for Masters and Graduate Students of Metallurgical Institutes of Ukraine" (in collaboration with the Technical University of Freiberg Mining Academy (Germany), Eastbourne School of English (England).

 She has extensive translation experience. She has translated into business negotiations, conferences, seminars, symposia, manufacturing, banking, and utilities in both Ukraine and Germany.

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